Sea a few easy to create high quality original content summary

error three, more original, ranking.

analogy, I like this piece of content is original, but is not high quality content? I think I’m the only this content we all feel good, to help, so it is of high quality original content, the weight of the search engine will give you high. There is a high quality content must be original, sometimes reproduced content than to write their own original content is more valuable, to help users more, so it is of high quality content. But we still need to be original, because the original is the core competitiveness of a website, is indispensable to the development of the internet. So, the original content, not equal to high quality content, high quality content must be original. read more

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Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of iframe tags in Shanghai dragon in

is a small label, but the knowledge inside Shanghai Longfeng can still toss, well, today Hubei Shanghai dragon introduced here, next time to share! "

Although the use of ? The spider does not recognize

first let us know what is iframe

ifram tag has its advantages, but in the page is not the more the better, because the use of a large number of ifram tags you will dilute the page keyword density and its influence, search engine may also think that you are cheating, so the website optimization suggestions don’t use too much read more

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