How to carry out the new website internal optimization and layout

Of course, the need to streamline the After

, a website for choosing the right keywords

when we design and construction site, to know a truth, want to give the customer site to see, or a platform for corporate profits, so it must be convenient, speed first and value content. Allow the site to meet the needs of customers, reputation to win customers, we can think stand up, layout and design thinking of how to reasonable in the angle of visitors.

love Shanghai algorithm update internal website optimization has risen to an important position, so first we look at the impact site keywords ranking of internal factors are: site title, keywords, Meta Tag Optimization, site overall structure layout design, website content update, the chain construction etc.. read more

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How to build a successful Shanghai Phoenix software products Station

three, enrich website content

software products website so many large websites like long tail, long tail of power have not fully demonstrated, but the Shanghai dragon staff, effective keywords mining must all find out, to ensure that users can search to your site.

target keyword After the

site keywords, navigation type (such as 163 mailbox, founder Fei Hong), q (what type of middleware, how to learn Shanghai dragon), product type (Fix BPMES, Aigo MP3). We can according to their own industry and then combined with related tools, such as the Shanghai love index, Google keyword tool, or view the opponent’s choice, the software product basically is the product name, product information, download the product, product exchange etc.. read more

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s SEM cannot do without the Shanghai Dragon

Internet webmaster can really achieve with thousands on thousands of, Shanghai dragon to achieve their material needs but for a few, so in my opinion search engine optimization in this industry polarization is too serious, the more skilled people more cattle B, the grass root people early start start is also more difficult. How to treat this kind of business model now? In my opinion, the industry does not master the mastery of website marketing, is what I said at the start of the SEM. This is a relatively new form of network marketing. This marketing model is comprehensive and effective use to achieve network marketing and promotion of search engine, this kind of marketing mode of people is the pursuit of the highest price, the minimum cost to obtain the highest income, I think this should be our concept of each Shanghai dragon ER should have, that we do Shanghai dragon finally in order to achieve site traffic into revenue. The grassroots and initial high flow site does not exist, bring through the website of the advertising revenue is not worth mentioning. So proficient in SEM should be some important factors to enhance the foundation of stationmaster gets. read more

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The website is love Shanghai right down to restore

2, for the website content without original article.

I’m not against the purchase of the chain to optimize the website, I personally feel that no matter what method, only can make a ranking method is a good method of website. But now you have to buy the chain, with a heart to buy, to buy some weight high website, do not buy the PR0.

the day before yesterday to write an article for "love Shanghai recently reduced the power to most of the site is to summarize the reasons", said there are many websites are love Shanghai punished or drop right recently, we look at what kind of situation? Most recent love Shanghai right down on the website of the summary of the article. Summarize the recent love Shanghai right down or punishment, interested can go to see. read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools display plain text links can be identified

on this issue, I have a lot of information, to form text links can be loved in Shanghai identify the problem, some people say that can not be effectively identified, because the link text form of text only, can not through text links to the target site, so pure text links can be identified; or people say that can be effectively identified, but did not give any strong evidence.

through love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query form text outside the chain, as shown in figure

and here I also found a little, why the link anchor text will be hot favourite webmaster, it is because the link anchor text in the target text by adding hyperlinks (keywords), can promote the website in a keyword weight, so as to improve the site in the rankings of the key words of the effect. Look at the screenshot above, can be found in plain text links can be effectively identified, and can also obtain the link name, love Shanghai will automatically recognize text links in front of a piece of text as link name. This link is also the name of the anchor text links the target text, so pure text links can also achieve the anchor text link function, weight and enhance the site in a keyword. read more

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Under what circumstances can the black hat means to improve the ranking

at any time

as the saying goes "things should be a" yes, you can’t use the black hat brush 1000 IP today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow to increase 2000IP, and added to the 3000IP, for example, you are a small business enterprise station, station flow is originally very limited, usually also dozens a IP or hundreds of IP, then you give him to the site for thousands of IP, it is obviously unreasonable, because the industry break the day so much search volume, you down so much traffic, thousands of PV, the world ranking channeling too fast, it is certainly not practical, so this site will it is dangerous, " read more

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The quantity and quality of the website chain is discussed

blog has been optimized website optimization Masters indispensable carrier. Many webmaster, optimization teachers have their own blogs in the major portals, the number of published articles in the blog with links, can also add a friend, you might write attractive for your site with a certain flow.

website optimization friends all know, a site to get good rankings, is to see your site optimization do good. The contents of the whole website optimization keywords layout, website structure, website content editing, the quantity and quality of the chain. Here is some of my personal views on read more

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How to make your site more popular spider

site map is mainly to meet the dual search engine and user experience, in the Shanghai dragon in site map generally divided into the following two types:

the Internet consists of countless websites through each link to form a spider web, the new site has sprung up too many to count every day, it is the direct cause of the spider’s work burden, when is it able to crawl to your site? This is an unknown, therefore as a valid Shanghai dragon Er how can in a passive state? For the new site, should first submit page website to the major search engines, but also can submit sitemap.xml map to make the search engine more master site, as long as the site complies with the included standard, search engines will be processed in a timely manner. Want to get the website search spider recognized, we must start from the basis, we must take the initiative, the only way to stand on a different starting line. read more

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On the optimization of new words of love Shanghai home experience

The snapshot

after half a month, hope has become a reality. Shanghai began to love your website, but only included some of the page. In fact, the love of Shanghai, are relatively normal. The content of the website is included and the source of love love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot update. In order to quickly through the love of Shanghai review period, in order to attract spider often visit the new station, in order to let love Shanghai snapshot update, I increased the content update frequency, update daily original content 3-5 article. (in the update content at the same time, don’t forget to add keywords in the content of the hyperlink, not only is a chain, more important is to improve the website home page weight) after two weeks, love Shanghai snapshot within 3 days. Of course, in addition to daily updates, more time is to establish the site outside the chain, because the chain is the basis of site. read more

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 2013 spark plan how do you see Yuan Fang

quote love Shanghai Webmaster Platform content: the content of the website can be based on the industry and the demand of the user data segment to a point, in-depth analysis of user needs, and in specific industries do fine do deep, credible quality resources for users. The reference Webmaster Platform love Shanghai launch site operators report 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/report/index the content has a certain value for the direction of the site operations personnel, after all, love Shanghai have enough data to speak. read more

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