Want to know whether the site was punished by the data to study

as everyone knows, the search engine algorithm is in constant adjustment, coupled with the recent "Wei Zexi time" for the influence of PPC, love makes negative evaluation of recent Shanghai increased a lot. The joint investigation team to woo Shanghai to adjust the ranking algorithm, in order to promote the improvement of medical institutions accounted for at the same time, love Shanghai increased more stringent audit responsibilities. In this environment, Xiaobian today to see the site information, found the weight, included, keyword ranking data are in a state of decline, this is why? read more

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What are the necessary conditions included the love of Shanghai

as a webmaster, every day for the website content update, published articles, the chain construction is essential to work, believe most of the webmaster daily published articles are to be included in search engines, included not only to a website can bring some of the chain, the most important is the site itself weight lifting and ranking the front there is a certain role.

but to the webmaster one thing is very headache, every post, the search engine is not included, my L-carnitine site had experienced such experience, now I this site www.jf269贵族宝贝 included rate according to the recent performance has been very normal, sometimes can be posted within 1 hours of collection, this question I simply talk about and I of this little experience, I hope everyone can help. read more

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Comprehensive analysis of exhibition promotion wise remark of an experienced person drilling operati

drilling exhibition promotion has nearly a month’s time, also try to practice with the knife several times, in general is not a very good effect, but also is the basic operation process and ideas have a clear understanding. Do you want to get a good drilling exhibition of the input-output ratio, we must know the whole operation is very clear ideas, through continuous testing, and finally have a good harvest.

third is about bidding.

is the first step to do is to understand each advertising information. read more

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Analysis of love Shanghai updated website ranking decline

            love Shanghai monthly 26 look to be updated, and wait, today a check: website from 1000 breakthrough 2000 mark yesterday, the heart glad unceasingly, this is a good sign!! Check your keywords, usually on page second and found the son didn’t have, three or four pages! Day, 277th to go!! I’d rather not included!!

1, friendship connection increases not by normal way. The website can also find a connection to the natural, convenient a lot, increased quite a chain this month. And I also and the thief stand exchange links, do not rule out the thief stood the reasons. read more

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Love is the official website of the Shanghai how to get the certification mark

of course, the Shanghai dragon for so many years, although it has always been my good nature, but occasionally unavoidably worse occupation habits told me: generally not included in the current normal love Shanghai case, the collection of the address are not included, so I need to submit your address:

No one knows the

has a lot of people ask me, since you call Shanghai dragon optimization’s leading masters, then you have to point out to the official website of the Shanghai dry cargo love! How to get the certification mark? You don’t know because of this, so called "master with how to? In this regard, I said sorry, for providing wet goods for so many years, and boast so many years, have always believed that their" master "is only that you even if you take it seriously to sniff at the name of the attitude to face it, then this seemingly blowing essence is the name of your zhaoma take it read more

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How to use the content to create a website Gao Quanzhong

"content is king, the chain for emperor" this is a law in Shanghai Longfeng circle, then how can we write high quality original articles, and for different types of websites, and how can we make Shanghai dragon direction? We took the two look down, we have to adjust our optimization according to our own situation, for example: I was doing business enterprise station, a station is the biggest bottleneck without a lot of content for the filling site, the focus of our optimization should be based on good good external links. For external links is the focus of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, so we don’t have a lot of content in the premise of the more to do outside the chain of high quality. Because the links can directly affect the keywords ranking and website income. If the information is the focus of our class website, to put on the optimization of the content above, with high quality content to attract customers, retain customers. Get the search engine in the pro gaze. So we need to determine our optimization of gravity according to the nature of the site. read more

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The site included the chain continued to decline the novice should decide on what path to follow


every day asking colleagues, asked former master, the reasons for the decline to consult this chain and included the. Every time the conclusion is right, normal ", but in fact the chain and included the situation is not changed, is still in decline. For half a month, I have been on the verge of collapse, even the thought of quitting have sprouted several times. Do not know what the reason, the master began formally to help me analyze my site, then I put forward relevant opinions (here I also remind you meet the same colleagues, don’t panic, a comprehensive examination of their station. Then you can increase the daily workload, station and filling to ensure the original update, optimization in the station more, and then increase the release of the chain). According to his method on the site for a week of cramming, finally let the site stopped the day decline, the site began to calm down. read more

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The principle of the construction site outside the chain


20, the chain from various historical sites, there are also new old

16, do Links risks, please leave contact information, daily check Links cases, including PR, snapshot, included, the chain, whether it is right to drop

22, the link must be flat.

19, as far as possible to get links from different domain name贵族宝贝,.Net,.Org, can also be from different countries of the domain name, the domain name of total number of better

9, decentralized nature, can not be completely focused on a key read more

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The ten thing to share Shanghai dragon road ahead will do two

linkbait just start for the novice webmaster more difficult to grasp, to own forum to post the external links many owners still used every day, but the forum has two drawbacks, a search engine knows many of these are junk posts, inside there will be a lot of high quality content, the other is to know these signatures are the number of external links in improving human, manipulating the ranking suspect, it will not give high weight. Therefore, Shanghai, along the way, or should do link bait, such as news, resources, ideas and so on. read more

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What kind of work to do website optimization

two factors, category is repeated. As in the navigation bar, have the corresponding channel. In the middle of this website, again a channel, are analyzed. It is used repeatedly for the optimization of adverse

three factors, the forum layout, is divided into primary and secondary. Search engines crawl habit is from left to right. Therefore, the need to adjust the section on the left, updated regularly, can get the spider to grab and included.

website is composed of frame code, mainly by the programmers to write. To build a good website, also need to optimize the relevant work. Thus, to make the search engine to the site smoothly, the formation of certain regularity. If you can form this habit is a spider, for the website, is very good, can greatly improve the site weight of. Analysis of website structure factors, from the following points can be described. read more

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