13-year-old kicked out of school for comments made to friends on video game

first_imgThe mother of a 13-year-old says she believes her teen’s school overstepped their boundaries after they suspended her son for comments he made while playing a fictional character in a video game with other classmates.Minni Florence says her son was playing Grand Theft Auto V at home one Saturday with friends he made at school. The teens were playing characters and acting out what the character’s would say on their headsets.‘As he put it, talking trash in the game to each other about what the characters in the game are going to do—beat him up with a baseball bat, break his leg, that kind of thing,’ Florence said.Florence says she believed all was good until her son came home crying hysterically because one of the other parents heard one of the comments Florence’s son made on the game and reported to the school.The school then called her teen into the office and forced him to sign a paper which resulted in his suspension from the school and a 60-day stint at an alternative school.Florence says she believes the school overstepped their boundaries because it was an incident that occurred during play at home.“Now we have a situation where they were taking in fantasy, playing a video game, and the school has pulled that and brought it into reality so how do we as parents teach our kids to differentiate if the schools bringing it into reality,” said Florence.The LaVernia Independent School located in Texas told WOAI, who originally reported the story that they could not comment on the situation regarding the student, but that the punishment was in accordance with their rules:“La Vernia ISD cannot comment on matters related to disciplinary action involving students as this information is protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The district has an obligation to enforce its Student Code of Conduct as well as a duty to comply with David’s Law. The safety and security of all LVISD students is our first priority, and we will continue to uphold all laws and policies that contribute to a safe and secure teaching and learning environment for our students and staff.Florence, however, says she believes the school used this incident to force a straight A student out of the school.last_img