Urgent need for national register of sexual offenders

first_imgDear Editor,I write to express my disgust that there are religious leaders who walk among us pretending that they are normal and virtuous when in fact they are sick in their heads and are guilty of committing heinous acts of rape and sexual assault.In recent times, there have been countless reports of sexual crimes committed by religious leaders locally, regionally and internationally. It is particularly disturbing that many of their victims are vulnerable women and children who are members of their places of worship.It is unthinkable that so many religious leaders violate their positions of trust and authority to abuse women and children who look up to them for spiritual guidance and comfort during difficult times in their lives.Sexual abuse straddles all religions, but whether it occurs in Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhists or other faiths, it is a vile act of betrayal when perverts, who are put on a pedestal by trusting religious practitioners, choose to target the naive and innocent to commit depraved acts.To me, what is even more repulsive is when these perverse religious leaders go unpunished and continue to be well respected by their church members. Worst of all, they are protected by the silence of ashamed and fearful victims and by high officials in their religious circles.Sexual crimes is a disease in our society, and the laws must be changed so that the perpetrators are punished severely.I am also calling for a serious approach by society, with a national register of sexual offenders who have served time in prison.The Police in the respective communities should also have photos posted at their stations if a convicted sexual pervert lives in their jurisdiction. Further, if these people are changing their addresses, then the Police must be informed.The Police are also caught up in raping people who go to report crimes. They are raping their female prisoners, and even children!Let us, as a society, take a serious stand to control and eventually stamp out this problem with a no-nonsense approach.All these sexual crimes beg the question: What is the role of our religious organisations? Can they do something and help?Our religious leaders need to move their focus away from politics and other activities, and concentrate on the spiritual upbringing of their congregation members. They need to focus on teachings that will lead to stopping rape and sexual assault. They need to play a bigger role.Parents also need to teach their children about what constitutes a good touch and a bad touch.We all need to play a bigger role. The fact that toddlers are being raped by their family members is a national shame.Let’s enact legislation that would ease the way for survivors to take legal action against their abusers.Where is the humanity in us? Let’s do something about it and stop this evil.Sincerely,Roshan Khanlast_img