Region 5 RDC to clamp down on roadside vending

first_imgVendors operating at the Rosignol ‘train line market’ are being accused of offering food to the public which might not be wholesome. This is according to one coalition Councillor of the Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice) Regional Democratic Council (RDC).Dulston Hutson addressing the RDCAddressing the RDC last Thursday on the issue, Dulston Hutson said the operation of the illegal market created environmental health issues which the Region would have to deal with if appropriate action was not taken in time.He referred to the market as roadside vending, while noting that fish, meat and vegetables festered with thousands of flies.“Something needs to be done. There is a market in the area, why isn’t it occupied?” Hutson questioned.He was referring to the New Rosignol Market.The ‘Train Line Market’Vendors say that the market is in the wrong place. According to them, over the past 10 years, they were forced to take up occupancy at the Rosignol New Market. However, business was very slow and on each occasion, they were forced to go back to what was referred to as the ‘Train Line Market’.“The market that they want people to go to is not in a good location. The distance is too far from the people,” one vendor said.According to another vendor, it would be more profitable if the Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) constructed stalls at the ‘train line’ location and collected revenue from the vendors. “This is the busy place. Where they build the market is near to the cane field. They made a mistake and they acknowledge it,” another vendor claimed.Less than three dozen vendors utilise the new facility on a daily basis. The fisheries section is never used.The Rosignol new marketHutson noted that the NDC was duty-bound to ensure that the citizens of that community are offered wholesome food.“We want to bring the efforts of that particular NDC that I am speaking of, whereby it has been reported by the health department that they are making efforts to remove the vendors and address other matters of environmental health that are not in keeping with good regulations, but the challenge remains one that they cannot get past because the NDC, which has the final responsibility in prosecuting those that are in violation of the policies, the NDC is not working together with the (Environmental Health Officers )EHOs.”According to Hutson, many of the EHOs who are attached to the NDC have been doing their jobs, but NDC Councillors are frustrating the process. Making specific mention of the Rosignol/Zee Lust NDC, Hutson said the EHO has documented his findings and has also suggested to the NDC that those vending are operating in an unhygienic environment.He believes that Councillors on the Rosignol/Zee Lust NDC might have a personal interest in allowing the residents of the community to be consuming food, which might not be wholesome.Meanwhile, the New Rosignol Market is a hive of activity on Saturdays and many of those who operate at the ‘train line market’ find themselves there.last_img