Surinamese cop stabbed 5 times, shot once

first_img…murder allegedly linked to drive-by shooting in MarchPremcharan Ravikan, a Surinamese Police Auxiliary Agent, who was found dead hours after he was allegedly kidnapped by Guyanese was reportedly stabbed five times and shot once.A source in the Dutch-speaking country told Guyana Times that the man’s throat was also slit, and a single bullet wound was evident on his abdomen.The body of the 23-year-old was discovered in his Toyota Prado luxury vehicle in the wee hours of Sunday at Passiebloemstraat, Paramaribo. The now dead Policeman’s pistol was not found in his vehicle and as such, it is suspected to have been taken by his abductors.Dead police rank: Premcharan RavikanHours after the discovery, a man claiming to be the murderer surrendered to the Police, but the lawmen are yet to ascertain the motive behind the killing although they suspected it was connected to the shooting to death of boat captain Somnath Manohar, which occurred on March 30. The Surinamese lawmen are tight-lipped about the suspect in custody.The dead boat captain was the brother of Nakool Manohar of Number 43 Village, Corentyne, Berbice who was last week arraigned at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on two counts of robbery at sea.This publication was told that the gun that was used in the drive-by shooting was reportedly given to the perpetrators by the now dead Police rank. After the young Police rank was abducted, a text message was reportedly sent to his family stating that Ravikan had sold a gun to someone and it was “payback time”.It was reported that Manohar and a 45-year-old worker were shot at by unknown suspects in two motor vehicles. The businessman was shot several times and was taken to a medical facility where he succumbed while receiving medical attention. The co-worker survived the attack, but it is not clear if he saw the occupants of the vehicle during the ordeal.However, the lawmen are yet to release any information with respect to the recent killing of the Policeman. The dead Policeman left home on Saturday at about 13:00h without informing his relatives about his destination. However, after some time elapsed, his parents attempted to contact his mobile phone, but the calls went unanswered.Soon after, his family received a text message, and it was then they suspected that the Police Constable had been kidnapped by Guyanese.It was reported that the text message indicated that the man would have provided a firearm that was used in one of the recent pirate attacks that left four men dead and 11 still missing.However, the family without hesitation immediately contacted the Police and handed over the critical information. In addition, it was reported that the Officer joined the Police force less than a year ago, but lived a lavish lifestyle.It is also believed that the dead Policeman might have been working for the “Crackhead” gang, whose leader was arrested in Suriname on Wednesday last. Upon his arrest, he reportedly confessed to killing five fishermen in the recent attacks.He claimed that he was following orders, which were to attack the boat and “get rid” of the occupants. Five of the men survived the attack while four bodies were recovered; to date, 11 persons are still missing.last_img