“I wasn’t born to kill anyone” – accused leads defence

first_imgAtlantic Gardens murderPrinces Street, Lodge, Georgetown resident Richard Stanton, on trial for the execution-style killing of businesswoman Patricia Sanasie, had his say in an hour-long address to the court on Monday.Deceased: Patricia SanasieDuring his presentation, he outright denied being Sanasie’s killer. He gave an unsworn statement from the prisoner’s dock, which meant that his version of events could not be cross-examined by the prosecutor, nor could the judge or jury pose any questions to him.At the end of his extensive address, his attorney Mark Waldron opted against calling any witnesses in his client’s defence. However, as Waldron did point out in his closing address, the burden of proof rested in the prosecution’s hands to prove a case against his client, and that Stanton did not have anything to prove.Sanasie was killed as she exited her vehicle to open her gate at her Atlantic Gardens, East Coast Demerara home on January 12, 2015. She reportedly was confronted by a lone gunman, who discharged several rounds at her at point blank range.When the accused took the stand on Monday, he stood calmly as he told the 12 jurors that he was not in the area at the time of the attack. Having observed that he was not born to kill anyone, Stanton outlined that he was working at his sister’s establishment, the Dynasty Night Club, at time Police first picked him up in January 2015, and when they re-arrested and charged him in April, 2015.“I said to (Policeman) Sarrabo, ‘Brother man, I could carry you back there and the staff could verify everything right now,” Stanton recalled telling the Police while in custody.Accused: Richard StantonHe later pointed out that based on his life’s experience, he would not have murdered the woman.“I am not a killer; I didn’t kill that lady. I have three boy children who depend on me. I in jail three years for something I didn’t do and would have never done,” the defendant declared.He added that he grew up watching his mother being abused by men, and because of this, he didn’t have it in him “to hurt somebody”. He said he was innocent of the charge. At this point, attorney Waldron attempted to interject, but then allowed his client to continue.Stanton also called the names of several investigating ranks, one of whom he claimed did not accept that he was being accused of the woman’s murder.He was picked out as Number ‘3’ on an Identification (ID) parade by the late businesswoman’s daughter, Romona Sanasie, who was driving the car the night her mother was killed. In fact, her mother allegedly was murdered in her presence.Speaking about the ID parade, Stanton disputed much of the Police’s account, having told the court Monday that some of the persons in the line-up were not similar in features to him.After Police ranks Burnett and Sarrabo had informed him that he was picked out, Stanton said, he told the ranks that he works hard and is not a criminal.The dead woman’s daughter, Ramona Sanasie, told investigators that a “big built” man exited a silver Toyota Raum, and she saw him twice as he passed and looked at her.The late Patricia Sanasie was reportedly shot to her chest, abdomen and neck, among other areas, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital. She had been the former Director of Studies at the Academy of Professional Studies. A year prior to her death, a similar attempt had been made on her husband’s life. In that instance, she and her brother had been implicated. (Shemuel Fanfair)last_img