25 years since heaviest February snowfall

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — Following a record high earlier this week has come the return to this area this winter of something that has become rather unique: winter weather.Daytime highs are close to minus six, which is the regional norm for mid-February. We’ve also had consecutive-day-snowfall-posts, for the first time this month.Historically speaking, the timing fits: It was 25 years ago yesterday when the airport station recorded its heaviest single day February snowfall.- Advertisement -On the Feb. 11, 1990, it posted a total of 27.3 centimetres, and although it only resulted in a precipitation total of 17.4 millimetres, that’s also an airport station single day February record, dating back to 1943.The snowfall dump actually exceeded the monthly norm which is 25.3 centimetres and was part of a February total that year of 43.9.The area will be hard pressed to get close to either that total or the monthly norm this year, as Environment Canada has said, since this is an El Nino year, it is likely most of the precipitation the area receives this month, should be in the form of rain.Advertisement Which brings into play the rainfall numbers for the month, and we’ve already topped the average of 0.4 millimetres with a record amount for Feb. 6, even though it was only 0.7.However the single day February record is more than four times that, and it was set at four millimetres on the first of the month in 1995 — part of a February total that year of 6.9.Meantime, being an El Nino year also means record high temperatures are in play, and Tuesday’s high of 11.1 shattered the Feb. 9 record of 8.3, which had stood for nearly half a century, dating back to 1968.It was however, not the warmest February day on record at the airport station, as that dates back even further, to the Feb. 17, 1943, when the high was 12.9 — or as it was recorded then 55 Fahrenheit.Advertisementlast_img