Zach Profit, July 9

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Last week it was hot, humid and nasty. We need rain. I can’t believe it went from hot and humid to cool without really getting much rain. It just kind of spit a little here and there.We could probably go another week and not really be hurt without rain, but I think we will be thankful for some fairly cool nighttime lows. Last week we had some nights where it was 80 degrees overnight and cooler night temperatures will help this week. We have some silks that are brown in some places already. Some corn already is pollinated and it looks pretty good.We started late last week with a corn fungicide and insecticide pass with our Hagie sprayer. We did see some insect pressure. We were noticing some leaves getting chewed up pretty well. The insect pressure seems higher than normal earlier than normal. The insect pressure seems more aggressive, even around our houses with ants. The Japanese beetles are really bad in some areas.We are a good couple of weeks ahead of schedule. We probably started tasseling early last week in some of our earlier hybrids. Most of the field corn is tasseled and the popcorn in the area will probably tassel this week.We have some rally good-looking beans and the other beans need some dry weather to get healthy again. Some of our wetter farms with older drainage systems were hurting pretty bad from all of the moisture during that 7.5- or 8-inch stretch of rain and it dinged the beans pretty good in some places. It was easy to tell where the tile lines were. Those beans really need this stretch of dry weather. It was just too wet for some of those beans in some of our poorer drained soils.The beans that are looking good are looking really good and the beans that aren’t — we can’t write them off yet.last_img