3 Secrets of Trackable Racing Revealed

first_img SharePrint RelatedTrackable Do’s and Don’tsJune 16, 2014In “Learn”Five reminders about trackablesAugust 28, 2018In “News”Inside Geocaching HQ Podcast Transcript (Episode 11): The Magic of trackable promotionsMay 10, 2018Similar post You’ve joined the HQ Duck Dash and you’re in it to win it — “it” being global recognition and eternal bragging rights of course.Like competitive sports everywhere, trackable racing has its insider secrets. So what is the “carb-loading” (marathon running) or “jaw-xercising” (competitive eating) equivalent of trackable racing?It all comes down to collaboration and communication! While not immediately obvious, the HQ Duck Dash is a team sport — you’re just playing with people you’ve most likely never met. Your job, as trackable team captain, is to get all your faraway teammates on the same page. Here are 3 tips to get you started:TB Tip #1: Establish a clear goal for your trackable. With five very different categories, it’s unlikely that you’ll sweep them all. Pick and choose your strengths!TB Tip #2: Communicate your goal clearly on the trackable page so that other geocachers can help your trackable along. The trackable mission statement at the end of this blog post can be used as a sample for your own trackable racer. Make sure you tailor it to the HQ Duck Dash categories you’d like to compete in — and don’t forget to include the part about ending at an International Geocaching Day event on August 20!TB Tip #3: Send encouraging messages to your fellow geocachers using the Message Center — encouraging being the key word here. Trackable racing is a polite sport!Sample Mission StatementEvery trackable entered into HQ Duck Dash will receive a special digital icon, helping to identify it as part of the race.This trackable is competing in the HQ Duck Dash!This trackable is racing in the HQ Duck Dash 2016. To be eligible for global recognition and eternal bragging rights, it needs to make it to a geocaching event on International Geocaching Day (August 20, 2016). You can find a list of events here: https://www.geocaching.com/calendar/ is competing in the following race categories: Most Geocaches InvolvedMost Story-Worthy Moment (Best Log)Please move this trackable to its next geocache and leave a nice log about your experience to help it meet its goal! Thank you!Go here to learn more about the HQ Duck Dash.What tips do you have for trackable racing success? Tell us in the comments below.Share with your Friends:Morelast_img