10 ways to sex up your summer

first_imgDon’t let the heat play havoc with your love life. These tipsensure you and your man sizzle through these sultry summer months.Dress DownSince the winter chill had you all covered up, this isn’t something you’ve managed to do for a while. Make the most of thewarm weather and turn on the heat. Invite your man home for a quicklunch on a weekday and greet him at the door with a pair of teensy hotpants and a bikini top. Cosmo guarantee: he’ll play hooky from work theentire afternoon.Go naturalPlan a naked date. Callhim over to yours for a day of in-the-buff bliss. Do every single thingyou usually do, but sans clothing-catch the latest action flick on DVD,cook an interesting meal together, make each other yummy cocktails. Allthe routine stuff will suddenly seem super-new. Bonus: you get to checkout his awesome abs all day!Challenge himEver feltlike your relationship’s hit a plateau? That the two of you have spentso much time together, there are just no surprises left? We’ve got theperfect recipe for a pick-me-up- cook him his fave dinner and let thedessert be on you, literally. Ask him to eat an exotic flavour off yourbody before it can melt. Trust us, this is one challenge he won’t beable to resist. Lie back and enjoy the attention that follows. It’sgoing to be a reaallly long night for the two of you.TurnTeacherThis one’s perfect for the single ladies on the lookoutfor a lad and for the coupled-up chicas-go for a swim together. It’d the most obvious together thing to do this season, but very few actuallyindulge in it. This is your chance to show your moves and teach eitherthe hottie next door or your loving BF some swinging moves underwater.Beach it outPlanning a beach holiday could be a great way to up thesexiness quotient this summer. Just hanging around on the sand, guzzling beer, digging into lobsters, and catching up on old memories-the firstdate, the first fight-can help pep up the EQ of the relationship. Onceyou’re mentally refreshed, some XXX-rated sex is sure to follow, right?Sneak it on!The next time you’re both out at a friend’s place fordinner, grab him, sneak out onto the terrace and have a hot ‘n heavymakeout sesh in the heat. Remember to run a comb through your hair whenyou get back in. You’ll have a make-up-free glow all evening while he’ll be planning how to ravish you completely at night.Move yourbody babyUse the heat, dust, and sweat as an excuse to tease his senses. Do a striptease for him when he’s least expecting it-in themiddle of the most exciting overs of a cricket match. It’s a great wayto find out what he likes more, the sport or sporting with you.Just chillChoose a relaxed Sunday afternoon to dip yourselves in atub together and take a long leisurely bath. Play some soft music, pour a glass of chilled white wine, and whisper sweet nothings into his ears.Cuddle up and watch an erotic classic like Lolita.MassagemagicBook yourselves into a spa session-with a twist. Opt for asingle massage room and an exotic massage that involves the two of you.The combination of professional hands working on you, the sight of eachother with next to nothing on, and the luxe surroundings will instantlyfuel your desire. And once the actual massage is over, the mildlyvoyeuristic undertones of the session will spark off awesome chemistry.Wild funIf you and your man are the adventurous type, summer’s thetime to set off to a lesser known place in the hills. Trek through adeserted stretch and, in the middle of it, take a break and make somewild (pun intended) love in the great outdoors. Though you could stilltrek in the winter months, it might just be impossible to shed thosewoollens with temperatures hitting single digits. Try the tricks you’vepicked up from Cosmo and bring on your wild side, ‘coz there’s no better place to be completely uninhibited, than amidst the birds and the bees! This one is definitely a summer must-do!advertisementlast_img