Sennheiser CX Sport In-ear wireless review: Perfect, but pricey, earphones for gym

first_imgEveryone needs a pair of earphones for gym. Spending an hour or so on treadmill or lifting weights can be a bit tedious. Music helps people going, it can help one jog that extra mile. The problem, however, is that finding a right pair of earphones for use in gym can be tricky. The earphones have to be sturdy and durable, must fit comfortably and securely. And need to sound good. Obviously! In other words, the earphones have to do everything right, and they must not be obscenely expensive.Sennheiser believes that its CX Sport In-ear offer everything that people want in a pair of earphones that they can carry to a gym. And it also believes that the Rs 9,999 price tag attached to these earphones is affordable enough (I disagree, Sennheiser but more about that later).Overall though, I believe the CX Sport is a darn good product. I particularly like how lightweight these earphones are and how well they pump out bass — Harder Better Faster Stronger — something that surely helps while you are trying to go that extra mile.Overall though I believe the CX Sport is a darn good productSo far, so so good. But, like all good things that come with a flaw (or flaws), so does the CX Sport In-ear wireless earphones. I wish they were slightly better designed and delivered some more hours of battery backup. And then there is limited colour: only available in fluorescent yellow colour. Some people will love it, most — like me — won’t. Also, the light colour means it tends to show dirt and grime quite frequently, especially if you are doing your jogging sessions outdoors.advertisementDesign and build qualityLooks matter. Even if most of the time people around you will be too busy huffing and puffing on the treadmill or will be focussing on lifting weights to see what sort of earphones you are wearing. I don’t mind wearing the CX Sport at the gym, even if I don’t like its colour. But I wish they had a bit more style, so I could wear them while travelling or while working — and not working out — in office.It’s not that the CX Sport is a bad looking product. But it is bland. The wire has a thick rubber sleeve — very durable but surely as boring as it can get. The earpieces too are coated in rubber. I understand that rubber is a requirement for gym focused earphones, but maybe the design and shape of the earpieces could have been more attractive. I also don’t like the winglets. They too look out of the place, although they are supposed to help in keeping the earphones securely fasten when you are exercising. Talking about the fit, the CX Sport fits well enough and they are light enough for you to carry them around your neck. The only time there’s some issue is when you are running at a steady pace. The earbuds tend to fall out of ears when you bend sideways during stretching. I wish this could have been better, although this is something that may not be a problem for all given how each one of us have different ears sizes.The build quality is very good. In my two weeks of using the headphones, I often used them without any care. I would throw them into my bag with keys and coins, and I used them while exercising. The CX Sport is sweat and splash resistant, so you can definitely clean them with a damp cloth. But it is important to note that Sennheiser hasn’t specified the IP rating of the headphones, so don’t go swimming or take a shower while wearing them.Setup and using itThe CX Sport In-ear Wireless headphones are extremely easy-to-use. On the right side of the neckband there are buttons to control volume, and they within reach easy reach. The length of the neckband is neither short nor long, it is just right.Sennheiser believes that its CX Sport In-ear offer everything that people want in a pair of earphones that they can carry in a gymSetting up the CX Sport In-ear wireless headphones is also extremely easy. There’s no rocket science about it. The good bit is that the CX Sport In-ear wireless headphones can be connected to two devices at a time – be it two phones or one phone and one laptop, depending on the requirement. To set up the CX Sport In-ear wireless headphones with PC/phone, the process is the same:advertisement–Switch on the Bluetooth of your phone or laptop–Switch on the headphone by log pressing the power button–Pair both the devices by going to the setting on your phone or laptop–The CX Sport In-ear wireless headphones will instruct you that the devices are connectedThe CX Sport comes with Bluetooth 4.2 support, which means the headphones come with a decent frequency range of almost 10 metres or slightly more than that.PerformanceSennheiser is a well known audio gear manufacturer. And over the years, it has mastered the sound that comes out of headphones, mostly. The CX Sport delivers sound that will please your ears. But given that these are the earphones are mostly for the gym goers, there is an emphasis on the bass or low and mid frequencies. Think 8 Miles from Eminem, that is the kind of song that the CX Sport make sound sublime and rich.And because the emphasis on lows and mids, the highs and treble aren’t that good. They become too shrill at higher volume. I tested the Sennheiser CX Sport In-ear wireless earphones for over two weeks, and overall I loved the sound coming out of these earphones. I listened to almost all music genres — EDM, jazz, and Bollywood, and was pleased to see that in almost all songs and soundtracks, the CX Sport turned out to be impressive.But the CX Sport particularly excels at EDM songs like songs like Lean On by DJ Snake and pop songs like Closer by Chainsmokers. Similar is the performance in Bollywood songs. On occasions, even classicals like the Tagore’s Tabu Mone Rekho and Ore Grihobashi also sound perfect. At the same time, due to slightly weaker highs and good lows, the soundstage too is limited. This is the reason why I realised that in songs like the Shiva Tandav Stotram, which is trance but also a piece where there is a lot that is going on, it is difficult to distinguish between all the instrument sounds when you listen to it on the CX Sport.In comparison, the Momentum Free (review), another pair of earphones from Sennheiser deal with such songs in a more delectable manner. The issues with the high-pitched sounds also mean that the CX Sport make a mess of songs like Animals by Maroon 5, where the vocals sound muddy. Lowering volume helps but not entirely.The CX Sport doesn’t come with active noise cancelling support, but because it’s an in-ear headphones and the buds go pretty deep inside the ears, the ambient noise is blocked well. Another good bit about the CX Sport is the call quality. It’s smooth, loud and clear. In fact, the CX Sport is better here than the Momentum In-ear, which is a much more expensive product. The CX Sport also comes with Qualcomm Apt-X support.Battery performanceThe CX Sport In-ear Wireless headphones come with a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery. The battery backup of the Sennheiser CX Sport Wireless headphones could have been better. In my two weeks of usage, the maximum that the headphones lasted was for 5 hours on single charge, which compared to other headphones at this price tag is on the lower side. The good bit, however, is that the headphones don’t take much time to get fully charged, about 90 minutes.advertisement Just like the Momentum Free earphones, the CX Sport also comes with the feature that allows it to inform users about the battery status.Should you buy it?Yes.The CX Sport In-ear Wireless headphones deliver more or less fantastic sounds — some niggles are there but those are just that: niggles — and are extremely easy and light to carry around the neck. You can wear them easily for the entire day. And if you like EDM and hip-hop while working out — everyone likes these songs while working out — you will absolutely love the sound of the CX Sport. I did!It’s just that I wish the CX Sport could have come in a different colour. I find the shade of yellow that it has ugly, but then our choices with colours are subjective so don’t let my choice hold you back from taking a look at the CX Sport. I also find the CX Sport a little pricey, especially if you are going to use these earphones only in the gym. It would have been better if the price would have been lower by Rs 1,000 or Rs 2,000. But if you don’t mind spending Rs 9,999 on a pair of wireless earphones for gym, go for the CX Sport.Sennheiser CX Sport review 8/10Good stuffGood with EDMLightweightBuild qualityBad stuffBoring designSoundstageThat ugly colourlast_img