Remembering Michael Jackson, the Moonwalker who told us to heal the world

first_imgIt’s been 10 years since Michael Jackson died and his songs like ‘Heal the World’ (1991), ‘Earth Song’ (1996), ‘Black or White’ (1991) and ‘We are Here to Change the World’ have more relevance now than ever before.Keeping aside the controversies, the King of Pop, Michael Joseph Jackson, was a singer, lyricist, producer, dancer and actor who was born on August 29, 1958.Well-known for his moonwalk and ability to lean forward to dangerously awe striking angles with the help of his anti-gravity boots (yes, they were designed by Jackson himself along with a few co-inventors and patented as well), Jackson won several awards in his career.He was awarded World Music Award for Best Selling Male Artist of the Millennium, 26 American Music Award, inducted into Hall of Fame, 13 Grammy awards and the list goes on.Many of MJ’s songs were a musical message to the society to practice peace, harmony and equality, irrespective of race or religion. They carried a liberal ideology of change, progress and human emancipation. In live shows, he would talk to his audience directly, asking them to make that change.Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958, and died on June 25, 2009.Here are some facts about the King of Pop:”You can be extremely talented but if you do not get ready and work according to the plan you will fail.” – Michael JacksonThe world is plunged into a very tough time. Would it be possible for us to give Michael Jackson what he wanted– a peaceful world order based on human equality?advertisementRead: Remember Michael Jackson’s 45-degree tilt dance move? Scientists say he was ‘cheating’Read | Why Michael Jackson’s songs on climate change and racial inequality need to be youth anthems nowlast_img