Renovations Officially Begin at NSCC Truro Campus

first_imgStudents and faculty will see the start of more than $4 millionin renovations to the Truro Campus of the Nova Scotia CommunityCollege (NSCC). The extensive project, which officially begantoday, Nov. 17, will upgrade student learning areas and createseats for 121 additional students. The Truro Campus renovations are part of government’s $123-million investment in NSCC announced earlier this year to offermore education and learning programs to more students, closer tohome. “Our investment in NSCC, today the Truro Campus, is great for thearea and indeed all of our province,” said Education MinisterJamie Muir. “We will soon be better able to meet the educationand training needs of more students in state-of-the-artfacilities, and position Truro to increase its highly-skilled andsuccessful workforce.” The investment is part of the government’s skills initiative,Skills Nova Scotia. It involves working with partners to upgradepeople’s skills, from basic literacy to the use of the mostadvanced technologies, to further their success in education andthe workplace. The investment in NSCC will support a multi-yearplan to strengthen the college, enabling it to modernizefacilities, increase student capacity, and enhance skill-drivenlearning programs. “Our mission, Building Nova Scotia’s Economy and Quality of LifeThrough Education and Innovation, reflects our commitment to helpNova Scotians acquire the sophisticated knowledge and skillsneeded for success in the modern labour market,” said Ray Ivany,president, NSCC. “Embarking on an exciting new phase in NSCC’sdevelopment will provide greater access to applied learningopportunities throughout the province.” Over the next seven years, 2,500 additional students — anincrease of 30 per cent — will enter the college at its ruraland metro campuses. There are three phases of the Truro Campus’s renovation project.Phase 1, launched today, will focus on the second floor of thewest wing of Forrester Hall. This renovation will complete a one-stop service area for students, called the Centre for StudentSuccess. It will include all business services, a financialoffice, career services, student counselling and support, andadministration in one area to maximize student access toinformation and support they need. In addition, six washrooms inForrester Hall will be renovated, and the air handling system onthe second and third floor of the west wing will be installed.These projects will be completed in the spring of 2004. In 2004-05, Phase 2 will begin. This phase will include a newfront atrium for Forrester Hall which will house the bookstore, anew student centre and a canteen, and a new ventilation system.This space will create study and gathering areas for students, aswell as a welcoming entrance to the main building of the campus. In 2005-06, Phase 3 will complete the renovation project withmechanical, electrical and lighting improvements in corridors andclassrooms throughout Forrester Hall. “The renewed Truro Campus will provide a student-centredenvironment that supports student success and encourages life-long learning,” said Kevin Quinlan, principal at the TruroCampus. “This development is essential, not only for the learnerswho will influx the labour market with the skills Nova Scotiarequires, but it also provokes a new view of learning in NovaScotia, one that includes a national calibre community college.” Work on the NSCC Truro Campus is scheduled for completion in2006.last_img