Moroccans to Offer Couscous of Brotherhood To Fight Racism

Taroudant – A group of Moroccans called on all Moroccans around the world to offer on Friday ‘couscous de la fraternité’ (Couscous of Brotherhood) to their neighbors of all faiths to “promote living together and confront barbarism.”The organizers said that this initiative, which came in the wake of attacks in Paris, Beirut and Bamako, aims to revive “the tradition of sharing inherited from our religion, our culture and our traditions wherever we live.”The purpose behind this initiative is to “fight against racism and rejection of the other,” organizers said. The Moroccan organizers chose November 27, the same day France scheduled to hold a ceremony in honor of the victims of the massacre in Paris, to donate a plate of couscous to their neighbors regardless of their religion.“For Muslims, Friday is a holy day, a day of prayer, meditation and sharing,” organizers said on their Facebook page.For this reason, “we invite all our compatriots – wherever they live – to offer this Friday, November 27, the ”Couscous of Brotherhood” to their French neighbors, and also to Malians, Lebanese, Tunisians, Egyptians, Spaniards, Belgians etc. in order to revive our tradition of sharing,” they added.The organizers also invited Moroccans to publish the photos of this meal on their own walls and on the fan page dedicated to this initiative, “in order to revive fraternity, to revive humanity, and to say that in the face of barbarism, we remain united.”Couscous is a purely Moroccan dish usually prepared as a lunch meal after the Friday prayer.The dish, deep-rooted in the Moroccan culture, has significant symbolizations including hospitality, sharing and collectiveness.