Dabiq Liberation Symbolic Victory for International Coalition Against ISIS

Rabat – Over the weekend, the Islamic State (ISIS) lost control of the village of Dabiq, Syria – the site, the terrorists say, of a coming apocalyptic battle between Islamic and “infidel” forces prophesized by one of the Prophet Mohammed’s companions, according to reports emerging from the area.Part of ISIS’ strategy has been to lure in Western forces – both American and European – to Dabiq, triggering a set of events that will bring about the end of time.However, instead of summoning the “infidel” forces they had anticipated, ISIS’ leadership lost the area to an offensive carried out by Syrian Muslim rebels and supported by the Turkish military. This has led the terrorist group’s online publication, called al-Naba, to roll back their insistence that the battle at Dabiq would bring forth the apocalypse. The group said the fight against the Turkish-backed Syrian rebels who overran ISIS forces in Dabiq did not represent the “horde of infidels” that Abu Hurayrah spoke of 1,300 years ago, according to The Independent.Dabiq is located near Syria’s border with Turkey, which makes securing the area a major objective for the Turkish military.A Turkish military source said the attack on the 1,200 ISIS troops stationed in the area began a month ago. Fighter jets and other forms of artillery had bombarded the town for 10 days before 2,000 Syrian rebels closed in to expel the terrorist group.This week, the Iraqi military will team up with Kurdish forces to fight the battle to retake ISIS-controlled Mosul – Iraq’s second largest city.