Solar Mining Services emphasises importance of permitted explosives

first_imgMining remains a hazardous environment, not just from operational aspects from say the movement of machinery but also as a result of some of the associated properties that go with minerals being mined eg flammable gasses. Each and every action has consequences. Risk mitigation remains deservedly the top priority to preserve and protect life, while going about the business of extracting wealth in the earth responsibly.Solar Mining Services has a cartridge product suitable for applications where ‘permitted explosives products’ need to be used in environments where heat and energy can cause a chain reaction of unwanted results. A permitted explosive like those offered by Solar, would typically have passed the Buxton or equivalent type of tests and have been placed on a list of authorised explosives. By implication it means that within certain parameters, they are relatively safe to manufacture, handle, transport, and use in so called ‘safety-lamp’ mines.Once detonation has occurred, a permitted explosive will firstly ‘give off’ the minimum possible quantity of noxious gases. This is important as these gases have dangerous health implications, the lower the noxious gas levels, the better.Secondly, the flame produced by the explosion is at the lowest possible temperature whilst simultaneously having the shortest possible duration – ‘a quick bang’. The result is to mitigate the chances of causing other combustible gases to ignite. The explosive contains a formulation which acts as a kind of ‘cooling agent’, such as sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.“Where this is relevant is in coal mines where combustible gases or coal dust is present. Conditions for a chain reaction of events pose a real concern for safety, health and loss of product due to fires starting.”last_img