Google offers schools 99 Chromebooks for the holidays

first_imgGoogle has just announced a rather killer holiday promotion, provided you’re a teacher at a school in the United States. The company is partnering with to offer $99 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks to cash-strapped school boards across the nation.There are a few catches. First, the promotion only lasts until December 21st — a short window to be sure, but these are $99 laptops we’re talking about. Second, interested teachers need to register at DonorsChoose, fill out a three-question survey, and then create a new project to ask donors for help.Teachers are allowed to ask for up to 30 of the $99 systems, then it’s up to the general public to come through with the goods. Based on how bake sales go over in my son’s school district, it wouldn’t take a ton of work to bring in enough cash to purchase a couple dozen Chromebooks before the holiday break.There’s no limitation placed on districts, either. Based on a quick read of the rules, any teacher who’s interested can sign up. If an entire building full of teachers wants to make individual requests, that’s just fine. Sure, the district IT staff might shudder at the thought of having to integrate one more device, but there’s just no denying that any brand new, name-brand computer for $100 is a smoking hot deal for technology-starved schools.Chromebooks haven’t really taken off yet, but this kind of promotional push will help. As these bargain-priced systems make their way into classroom around the U.S., students and educators will see that the functionality of a laptop running a browser-based OS isn’t quite as limited as they thought. And with two Chromebook models really priced to move, Google, Samsung, and Acer will definitely see a modest bump in sales.via Googlelast_img