Fabre no more

first_imgIn an open letter of complaint co-signed by hundreds of Greek artists who gathered at Sfendoni Theatre in Athens, Jan Fabre and the Greek Minister of Culture, Aristidis Baltas were called to submit their resignations.The letter was backed by opposition parties and the majority of the Greek population who took to the streets and social media to express their disapproval. Following the artists’ announcement,Fabre announced his resignation to the Belgian press, prior to disclosing it to the Greek Culture ministry, stating: “I quit the position of artistic director of the Greek Festival, wrote the choreographer and director in a letter released by the ministry. I had accepted the proposal of the Ministry of Culture to make artistic choices freely. This does not seem possible in Greece. I do not want to work in a hostile environment artistic, to which I had come to the heart and mind open.”He carried on to wish his Greek successor-whoever that may be- “good luck”.Following Fabre’s resignation, Minister Baltas issued another statement saying that the famous choreographer came to Greece to assist the Ministry in a time of crisis, as a volunteer and would only receive a minimum salary of 20,000 euros per year. He then stressed that Baltas “Jan Fabre was subject to a coordinated attack by political parties, the media and part of the art world, calling it [the Festival] an anti-Greek structured four-year program, aimed not only to expand the international character of the festival but also to make international Greek creations.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img