Samurai Jack Returns in March Watch the New Trailer

first_img Samurai Jack Finally Makes Sense on Adult SwimRewatching Samurai Jack: Episode 12, Jack and the Gangsters The premiere of the new season of Samurai Jack has finally been revealed.— Nate (@CabooseJr) January 23, 2017Fans have been eagerly waiting since December 2015 after the network released a five-second teaser that read “Samurai Jack, Adult Swim 2016.” Few details were released, but Cartoon Network was able to confirm that series creator Genndy Tartakovsky was returning and that it’ll be a part of the Toonami lineup, which is now on Saturday nights.We at Geek were so excited that we rewatched a number of episodes in celebration. we’ll probably rewatch the series again before the premiere date.Samurai Jack originally ran on Cartoon Network between 2001 and 2004. It ran for four seasons and 52 episodes. It told the story of a prince and samurai who gets transported to the future in his quest to defeat the demon Aku. The property took on new life in an IDW comic book series that ran for 21 issues between 2013 and 2015, but it was still unclear if Jack ever got back to his time.The creators had originally planned to bring the characters back in a movie. Tartakovsky had stated making it was “on the top of my list” but multiple factors, including the question of its potential commercial success, got in the way. The death of Mako Iwamatsu, who played Aku, also put a pin in a possible future production.Details are still scarce for the fifth season. There will be a time jump between seasons four and five, and the creators promise that we’ll be seeing the character “in a whole new light.” Tartakovsky announced at San Diego Comic Con last year that the new season would be ten episodes long and would be the end for the characters.“It’s the final journey – whatever happens at the end is the end,” he said.He also added that it’ll be bittersweet.“It’s something that I’ve wanted to do in animation for a long time, and it’s super challenging, but if we get it right it’s going to leave people in tears,” he said.Samurai Jack returns on March 11 at 11:30 p.m. ET. Stay on targetcenter_img It’s been teased for so long, but now we have an official release date. Samurai Jack‘s new season will premiere on Adult Swim on March 11.Check out the new mind-blowing trailer for the final season, set fifty years in the future.The network confirmed the air date in one of its commercial bumpers, where they answered a viewer’s question.“Hey stop ignoring questions about Samurai Jack,” Twitter user hegelbagel wrote.Adult Swim, always blunt, just came out and announced the date. You can watch the announcement below.last_img