Vancouver Police Department opens record division

first_imgThe Vancouver Police Department on Tuesday opened to the public its own records division after 20 years of contracting out the service to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.The impact on users — cops, records requesters and others — should be minimal, minus the fact that they’ll go directly to the source for records questions.Vancouver police Chief James McElvain said he expected the two agencies might be fielding each other’s wrong number calls for a bit while people adjust.Over the past several weeks, the department has gradually phased out more duties from the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, which had managed the Vancouver Police Department’s records, gradually over several weeks, and the transition is 100 percent complete.The city spent a little more than $1 million to set up its new records unit, including remodeling work at the West Precinct and hiring a consultant, according to the police department’s budget office.last_img