Art to color Washington State Horse Expo this weekend

first_imgArtist and horsewoman Anita Rose Will’s primal passions started coming together when she was just a filly. “There weren’t enough coloring books with horses in them,” she said. Her grandfather provided her earliest drawing lessons, she said, which covered a variety of outdoor characters — deer, bears, birds — but horses always rose to the top of Will’s list.“I’ve basically been horse crazy all my life,” she said. “They represent freedom and adventure and beauty.”Real live horses have provided Will a lifetime of exhilarating outings, she said, but now that her health is frail and she can’t go trotting off across the landscape as hardily as she used to, horse art continues to be Will’s ride to beauty and adventure.“I can’t move around as much as I used to, but I paint,” she said. “It’s therapeutic. It fills in a big gap. Horses have always made it possible for me to see a lot of wonderful things, and that hasn’t changed.”Now, Will has donated a bold, energetic portrait of a patriotically maned white horse that’s practically galloping right off its canvas and into the arena at the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds, where the newest addition to the annual Washington State Horse Expo is an original equine art show. You’ll be able to admire and purchase a wide variety of horse art, as well as all sorts of other equine products and services — clothing to educational materials to farm equipment — from the many vendors on hand.The very youngest horse lovers can become horse artists, literally, at the Horse Expo. The Kids’ Corral will welcome Pepa, a therapy horse who doesn’t mind getting extremely colorful as a living canvas for beginning painters. Also mingling with kids will be Dally and Spanky, an inseparable Jack Russell terrier and miniature horse duo, and Shelby the Trick Horse.last_img