Sea a few easy to create high quality original content summary

error three, more original, ranking.

analogy, I like this piece of content is original, but is not high quality content? I think I’m the only this content we all feel good, to help, so it is of high quality original content, the weight of the search engine will give you high. There is a high quality content must be original, sometimes reproduced content than to write their own original content is more valuable, to help users more, so it is of high quality content. But we still need to be original, because the original is the core competitiveness of a website, is indispensable to the development of the internet. So, the original content, not equal to high quality content, high quality content must be original.

Hello, I am the sea, I to share how to easily create high quality original content to you today. First of all, we do know that the Shanghai dragon original importance, because no matter how to change the search engine algorithm, high quality original content and the chain is one of the core factors ranking.

I have a friend to do it station, every month to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy the chain, but the ranking or not go.

, can solve the needs of users of the content (useful to customers)

The correlation between

error four, original content is high quality content.

two, professional and rich content


included a misunderstanding, the more the better ranking.

I have some friends included site, there are tens of thousands of pages, however, traffic is only one hundred or two hundred, not to mention the ranking.

content more rich, more professional. Not content, classification, index, label, catalogue, the more the better, the more detailed the better, allowing users to find what he wants in the shortest time.

if the original content not what value to the user, even if included more, search engine to your weight is very limited.

users are with problems to search, as long as you can provide the answer to the question, you want to rank is not the former difficult. The user is regardless of your original or false original, so I want to get good rankings on the false original, that is wrong.

error two, the more the chain, ranking the better.

in conclusion, the best content is high quality original content. So what is a high quality original content? I summarize the following characteristics.

share in before we first analyze a web page ranking is how come? Is not the first to have content, you feel good, you will have a promotion, the chain, and the search engine will give you a good rankings? If only the chain no content, or content not only outside the chain, the ranking is not long. So we do Shanghai Longfeng the first step is to do the content. Here, I found a lot of friends have the following error: