Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of iframe tags in Shanghai dragon in

is a small label, but the knowledge inside Shanghai Longfeng can still toss, well, today Hubei Shanghai dragon introduced here, next time to share! "

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first let us know what is iframe


ifram tag has its advantages, but in the page is not the more the better, because the use of a large number of ifram tags you will dilute the page keyword density and its influence, search engine may also think that you are cheating, so the website optimization suggestions don’t use too much

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iframe label, think the role is not large, then some time ago is in one place and met, and even Shanghai Longfeng linked, after a detailed understanding, does the ifram tag in the Shanghai dragon in the advantages and disadvantages of

< ifram> < img src= "B" URL "> or other web content in this paper can be written inside the label, now let’s go back to Shanghai to see what the dragon, and against using the label in the web site.

1. search engine called URL pictures, text, etc. in ifram, because the content does not belong to this page, just visit was a temporary call, but also in Shanghai Longfeng proposal also mentioned: "frame/frameset/iframe label, will lead to love Shanghai spider crawl difficulties, suggestions do not use" this can prove the disadvantages of

use the ifram tag in the page will create a new document position in the framework of this website, for example A page to a location in the ifram is used to call a B exception ", so in this framework call A displayed in the A page called parts. Method of use:


! Although

2. from the disadvantages we can associate to label nofollow used a HTML exception, since the use of the iframe tag can let the spider on the part of the grab, then we can put our site some of the need for users to see, and do not need to use the ifram tag information to the search engines to see this design. You can make ifram treasure, and code slimming effect, for example, such as the record information, some large web page certification certificate of honor, such links, which we don’t need to look to the search engines, such as dilution of the weight of your home page, we can use ifram to collocation, and only need to be used in the home page, other pages may not need this information, is not very perfect, this is the