How to carry out the new website internal optimization and layout

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, a website for choosing the right keywords

when we design and construction site, to know a truth, want to give the customer site to see, or a platform for corporate profits, so it must be convenient, speed first and value content. Allow the site to meet the needs of customers, reputation to win customers, we can think stand up, layout and design thinking of how to reasonable in the angle of visitors.

love Shanghai algorithm update internal website optimization has risen to an important position, so first we look at the impact site keywords ranking of internal factors are: site title, keywords, Meta Tag Optimization, site overall structure layout design, website content update, the chain construction etc..

is the final keyword density, you will see that everyone on the Internet is 2%-8%, this standard is also used for many years, it is useful, I don’t know, but I usually leave the site’s keyword density remained at around 3%, not more than 4%, to avoid the keyword density too high to be K but, I feel the density of the problem is not what exaggeration, as it can accumulate on the home page.

selection methods we should all know, you can use a word can also use the long tail word, if it is a difficult word, in fact, choose to do the long tail word is a good choice. A process of keyword selection is also the site of the target customer groups. Keywords must be targeted to a certain extent, it will be better to allow customers to search keywords, or even inaccurate positioning of high flow again and will also bring into. The title of the site before the words of general weight is the highest, we must be careful to select and determine the. But many people do not like the list page to set the keywords and title and description, in fact the list page and the content page is a supplement of the title of the website, because we can not put all the Related words are written up or even wrote the title title is put in the position of the back, so we also want to write list page title, keywords and description, and articles available in some of the long tail word to do post title.

website code, minimal code to achieve maximum content, do not use a lot of pictures or flash and media data, this is not the spider crawling, but also not conducive to optimization and friendly degree, most of the time, this website will open speed is very slow. In addition to realize static web search engine, although there is a dynamic and static web sites are the same, but still the best static, avoid duplication of collection. Don’t use the frame or embedded framework, try to make the website simplified picture also smaller, with alt.


three, Meta Tag Optimization

two, the website structure layout and design of

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