How to build a successful Shanghai Phoenix software products Station

three, enrich website content

software products website so many large websites like long tail, long tail of power have not fully demonstrated, but the Shanghai dragon staff, effective keywords mining must all find out, to ensure that users can search to your site.

target keyword After the

site keywords, navigation type (such as 163 mailbox, founder Fei Hong), q (what type of middleware, how to learn Shanghai dragon), product type (Fix BPMES, Aigo MP3). We can according to their own industry and then combined with related tools, such as the Shanghai love index, Google keyword tool, or view the opponent’s choice, the software product basically is the product name, product information, download the product, product exchange etc..

After the

first, space station enterprises have no technical staff a lot, so we can choose some big brands have guaranteed the space that we can search a lot of.

website to determine a good program according to the company’s business direction and build demand function related sectors, such as software products, software, software download software, communication etc.. My site is mainly to build these.


long tail tools: love Shanghai promotion assistant, Jinhua, after word etc..

, how to choose the site space,

According to the search behavior is usually divided into three types of


long tail keywords

two, to determine the site keyword


this article to the new look, Shanghai dragon in the end how to do, just share with you today I was the site of operation, relying on Shanghai dragon to build a successful software product website, important is not technology, but thinking and confidence, here is the specific method:

program, in fact for the enterprise stand for, is generally not appreciated in the Shanghai dragon Department of enterprise, staff rarely, it is a person to do several jobs homely food, if related to the development of enterprises have the strength you can arrange the special website, if there is no big commitment, with some open source program for example. Of these, the Empire, is also good, after all, for enterprise stand for, it is important to bring sales.

Shanghai dragon knows, the selection of key words is the most basic, but often is because many people think it is too simple and do not pay attention to the first row, even if the site finally no one search, search and no one click, because they started out in the wrong direction.



program and the keywords are determined, on the official site set up, after the content of the website is to enrich the time, we will give the general pre beta site >