s SEM cannot do without the Shanghai Dragon

Internet webmaster can really achieve with thousands on thousands of, Shanghai dragon to achieve their material needs but for a few, so in my opinion search engine optimization in this industry polarization is too serious, the more skilled people more cattle B, the grass root people early start start is also more difficult. How to treat this kind of business model now? In my opinion, the industry does not master the mastery of website marketing, is what I said at the start of the SEM. This is a relatively new form of network marketing. This marketing model is comprehensive and effective use to achieve network marketing and promotion of search engine, this kind of marketing mode of people is the pursuit of the highest price, the minimum cost to obtain the highest income, I think this should be our concept of each Shanghai dragon ER should have, that we do Shanghai dragon finally in order to achieve site traffic into revenue. The grassroots and initial high flow site does not exist, bring through the website of the advertising revenue is not worth mentioning. So proficient in SEM should be some important factors to enhance the foundation of stationmaster gets.

do people think I have Shanghai, as long as do the site’s ranking, with the flow, I can not sleep without any anxiety. In fact, this idea is wrong, a qualified Shanghai dragon ER is not simply a master optimization technology can be a foothold in the market. A lot of people, with Shanghai Dragon technology, but basically is in the website, not willing to join some enterprises, it’s also possible that people’s income too high, which caused.

SEM can be divided into four types: PPC, billing, in accordance with the effective call Shanghai dragon and keyword advertising. This is the first major search engine PPC is the main source of income, at least in my opinion. As the name suggests, you have more money, your ranking will. This is our grass root webmaster early is not to be considered, our site did not so much money to do the bidding promotion. Today is mainly introduced Shanghai dragon in this way. Is the most suitable for us is the grassroots webmaster early start start. Of course, all this is based on the existing search engine. SEM in the world and its application in China common on the market rapid development, I think we can learn to SEM, after the value is very high, SEM is now the general small and medium sized enterprises need to accept, it has gradually become a mainstream marketing model, after all, according to the relevant survey. Every day in the noble baby search on people has reached more than 200 million, the development prospects of this industry is as can be imagined how much.

SEM is a search engine marketing, search engine optimization and Shanghai dragon. Search engine marketing division in the former on search engine optimization included, we do Shanghai dragon is essentially in order to achieve the SEM more convenient, do Shanghai dragon is to realize the standardization of network marketing, to achieve broad stationmaster income.

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