The website is love Shanghai right down to restore

2, for the website content without original article.

I’m not against the purchase of the chain to optimize the website, I personally feel that no matter what method, only can make a ranking method is a good method of website. But now you have to buy the chain, with a heart to buy, to buy some weight high website, do not buy the PR0.

the day before yesterday to write an article for "love Shanghai recently reduced the power to most of the site is to summarize the reasons", said there are many websites are love Shanghai punished or drop right recently, we look at what kind of situation? Most recent love Shanghai right down on the website of the summary of the article. Summarize the recent love Shanghai right down or punishment, interested can go to see.

If you are

, 1 for web content to repeat the article too much change method

we can add some in the article and other articles are not the same, since this distinction has some different with other articles. For example, some promotional information, we can add some news content, or add some of their personal views, or summarize this product with other different characteristics and so on, the aim is to avoid too many similar articles, and loved Shanghai punishment or right down. Later when we update the article, as far as possible, do not send all similar articles, to send some articles out of the ordinary.

! To change the method of

before using these methods to optimize the site, then you stop today, we want to achieve a good website weight long-term effect, we must use the correct method to optimize the methods of cheating in! To optimize the site, not the best way. When the love Shanghai update algorithm, do not know the day and let the site hurt! This The loss outweighs the gain. cheating way to do! Shanghai Longfeng optimization, although there is a good effect in a short time, but soon can see the love Shanghai punishment results.

3, for the use of cheating means to optimize Shanghai dragon website change method.

4, for the purchase of a large number of the chain to change the method of website optimization.

when we know why the site to drop right or punishment, how should we take measures to restore the site weight? Method and today I have to sum up to restore the weights of the website, the hope can help to those who love Shanghai site is down right or punishment!

if your site is too much collection or high similarity articles, so you start from today, more updated the original article, as far as possible some more, so committed to bring the web site back weight. Or use false original form to update the article, but I personally recommend to update the original articles with the most primitive method. It is through their own ideas to write, so that different from other articles, to the original purpose. I also write in front of an article "how to create high quality original articles, original articles about the creation of" the article, hope can help you solve the difficulties of the original article