Love Shanghai Webmaster Tools display plain text links can be identified

on this issue, I have a lot of information, to form text links can be loved in Shanghai identify the problem, some people say that can not be effectively identified, because the link text form of text only, can not through text links to the target site, so pure text links can be identified; or people say that can be effectively identified, but did not give any strong evidence.

through love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query form text outside the chain, as shown in figure

and here I also found a little, why the link anchor text will be hot favourite webmaster, it is because the link anchor text in the target text by adding hyperlinks (keywords), can promote the website in a keyword weight, so as to improve the site in the rankings of the key words of the effect. Look at the screenshot above, can be found in plain text links can be effectively identified, and can also obtain the link name, love Shanghai will automatically recognize text links in front of a piece of text as link name. This link is also the name of the anchor text links the target text, so pure text links can also achieve the anchor text link function, weight and enhance the site in a keyword.



can be seen from the figure, the anchor text is love Shanghai included, identified the anchor text link name for the anchor text, link URL as the anchor text link address, this is a complete chain.

through love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query the anchor text outside the chain, as shown in figure

can be seen from the screenshot, although it is pure text links, can be identified as the love of Shanghai.

The chain

so, by posting text > in the quality of the website


officially launched in Shanghai webmaster tools, inside the chain analysis tools so I have been very concerned about, found in use after a period of time, the "love Shanghai Webmaster Tools chain analysis tool not only to check the anchor text of the chain, the form of hyperlinks, can identify the chain of pure in the form of text.



is now recognized as the two major forms, hyperlink and anchor text links. I believe most of the webmaster query outside the chain of a website is search engine query using the domain command, but the domain command can only query text links and hyperlinks, and can not query the anchor text. We already know that a hyperlink is a link of the chain, but pure text links can be identified by the end of love in Shanghai? Is simply pure text links in the end is not outside the chain of effective