Under what circumstances can the black hat means to improve the ranking

at any time

as the saying goes "things should be a" yes, you can’t use the black hat brush 1000 IP today, tomorrow the day after tomorrow to increase 2000IP, and added to the 3000IP, for example, you are a small business enterprise station, station flow is originally very limited, usually also dozens a IP or hundreds of IP, then you give him to the site for thousands of IP, it is obviously unreasonable, because the industry break the day so much search volume, you down so much traffic, thousands of PV, the world ranking channeling too fast, it is certainly not practical, so this site will it is dangerous, "

today Qingdao Shanghai dragon to pick up a single, with customer calls, customer with special emphasis on not to improve website ranking with the black hat means that the website will be K, I will tell him the black hat means can be used, but to the time, to master the skills…… So, today Qingdao Shanghai dragon in the black hat optimization ranking means do talk about their own insights.

1, the website quality is too low, not to use black hat


recently did you often receive some ads or see some such ads that can in the shortest possible time will improve the website ranking to the top three or even the first, so some people do, of course, some people do not believe there are people know that this is a half believe and half doubt, black hat method. That is not safe, so I never dare to try. As the Shanghai dragon in this industry, Qingdao Shanghai dragon to tell the truth this year has been in the "black hat" technique to increase rank and weight, so dare to write this article to discuss with you.


we can clearly tell you that the use of black hat techniques to improve website ranking can be used, as to why the customers like said with the black hat techniques will K station, there are the following reasons:

on the "black hat" concept here is not to say, a word: all non normal optimization methods are counted as black hat means. Such as: buy links, brush click ranking. The key to the recent Shanghai dragon market comparison fire "24-48 hours to improve website ranking, 3-7 days to improve website ranking" of the black hat means to do some analysis.

website is website quality is too low, the time is too short, or the lack of high quality content and quality of the chain, the site has not been through the investigation of love in Shanghai, this site is relatively easy to use black cap means K off or be punished. So, if you want to use black cap means to improve the ranking, we must first improve the quality of the website, the website has reached a certain weight, a best material flow. But here I said the website quality is low with a black cap technique is K off is not absolute, but most are out of the K site has this kind of situation, the website quality to reach a degree can use what means black hat, it depends on your own website for the normal maintenance and observation, the need to understand themselves.

control use of black hat, adjust the frequency of the