The quantity and quality of the website chain is discussed

blog has been optimized website optimization Masters indispensable carrier. Many webmaster, optimization teachers have their own blogs in the major portals, the number of published articles in the blog with links, can also add a friend, you might write attractive for your site with a certain flow.

website optimization friends all know, a site to get good rankings, is to see your site optimization do good. The contents of the whole website optimization keywords layout, website structure, website content editing, the quantity and quality of the chain. Here is some of my personal views on


when a web site outside of the chain number, love Shanghai ranking will increase, attention is to improve! Want to get real ascension that you must pay attention to the number of the chain site outside the chain of quality and website, only when these have reached a level, will enhance the website ranking. The quality of the chain, the quality of the whole effect of the PR value of the site, the weight also is all said, when your weight is higher, the number of search engines to browse and grab your web content more, web page snapshot update speed is accelerated, for example the station that is no good external chain website the indirect, slow snapshot. Because of this so when we need the chain we are looking for the site is some weight high website, for example A5, Webmaster Station authoritative website, the chain inside this much weight of your site will naturally increase slowly.


forum is now singing with post top stick technique, the forum update soon, the weight of the website, the number of spiders to too much, so in the forums on post leave own website address a chain is not what a bad thing, but the forum is also a shortcoming, short cycle, general is time, the website managers regularly delete some posts to ensure the site updated faster running speed and content, can not guarantee this is a long chain.

website Links selection and add a Links link, when you link to the website have very good weight, good stability of the ranking, it can be for you to lead spider (search engine), while improving snapshot update speed love Shanghai website, may also bring considerable traffic to you, the chain which is an essential part of website optimization keywords with good quality is the most effective method, such as adding links in the "Harbin second-hand computer recycling", this method is in their own web site keywords plus links on other sites, so while improving the website keyword ranking increase the chain site. (buy links) but generally have good weights of the website are often reluctant to weight and no new link, because the stability of the link will also affect its own website, and even affect the ranking, so there are some links to sell for the black hat.


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