How to make your site more popular spider

site map is mainly to meet the dual search engine and user experience, in the Shanghai dragon in site map generally divided into the following two types:

the Internet consists of countless websites through each link to form a spider web, the new site has sprung up too many to count every day, it is the direct cause of the spider’s work burden, when is it able to crawl to your site? This is an unknown, therefore as a valid Shanghai dragon Er how can in a passive state? For the new site, should first submit page website to the major search engines, but also can submit sitemap.xml map to make the search engine more master site, as long as the site complies with the included standard, search engines will be processed in a timely manner. Want to get the website search spider recognized, we must start from the basis, we must take the initiative, the only way to stand on a different starting line.

and another site map format for the XML, create such a map is mainly to allow search engines to understand website structure more perfect, which helps the search engine spiders crawling "better, more quickly to crawl and grab, the search engine can be pointed out that the site map XML format therefore, should be submitted to the initiative, to better understand the spider web site update frequency and update key.

1, to each big search engine submission

The importance of the ?

3 robost.txt file, perfect

enterprise website is to allow users to conduct through the website of the media, of course is more important for consumption. The site’s role is to increase product exposure, in order to effective conversion rate. Want a better product promotion and publicity, must through the integration of marketing communication, which is the necessary way to Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon in the most important link is to allow more efficient search spiders crawl and crawl, let it grasp the basic structure of the site more quickly, improve the site, so as to obtain more rapid ranking. So, how can your site search spiders prefer

is a website for users to view the map in HTML format, this kind of website map in the design must be concise specifications of the website structure, classification list entries, allowing users to clear, can quickly find what you want ", can solve the doubt in mind in the first time. However, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er has gradually ignored the website navigation and site map HTML format.

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2, the perfect

robots.txt file has been forgotten by many Shanghai dragon Er, its role is to declare and don’t tell the spider crawling and grab the file or directory, more quickly tell the search what file can be indexed web spider. The search engine has gradually to r>

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