On the optimization of new words of love Shanghai home experience

The snapshot

after half a month, hope has become a reality. Shanghai began to love your website, but only included some of the page. In fact, the love of Shanghai, are relatively normal. The content of the website is included and the source of love love Shanghai Shanghai snapshot update. In order to quickly through the love of Shanghai review period, in order to attract spider often visit the new station, in order to let love Shanghai snapshot update, I increased the content update frequency, update daily original content 3-5 article. (in the update content at the same time, don’t forget to add keywords in the content of the hyperlink, not only is a chain, more important is to improve the website home page weight) after two weeks, love Shanghai snapshot within 3 days. Of course, in addition to daily updates, more time is to establish the site outside the chain, because the chain is the basis of site.

three: the site outside the chain

chain is the site of the foundation, the chain of the website ranking occupy an important role. Outside the chain, should pay attention to the quality, and not blindly to the pursuit of quantity. I believe that many websites have experienced, in an update to love Shanghai, decreasing the amount of the chain, which is sufficient to prove: love Shanghai will update some low quality junk the chain or chain that is love Shanghai not much effect to delete. You know, love Shanghai but we delete time and effort. So, outside the chain of the new station, I never pursuit of quantity, the chain often rapidly but will make love the sea think cheating, and be plucking may love Shanghai. It reflects the experience and skills of Shanghai dragon for the site to set up the chain, or with a goodly mind!

when readers see this title, the heart may be in doubt: "it depends on whether the popular keyword." Yes, the popular keyword means that the website optimization more incentive competition, Shanghai dragon will therefore increase the workload. But no matter whether the popular keywords, believe that every webmaster has a set of plans and strategies for their website optimization. Here, the new keyword optimization on the experience, hope that with the exchange of learning together.

railway station, has been looking forward to love Shanghai can be included in the page, therefore, I insist that every update two article original content. As we all know, under normal circumstances will love Shanghai in 7-15 days beginning included new page, sometimes even up to a month long, at this time, don’t be flighty and impetuous. In order to let love Shanghai better, I do signatures in the high weight of the webmaster forums, and is not only to establish some chain for the railway station, more important is to let the love of spiders in Shanghai during a visit to the other high weight website, can find the new station. My main purpose is to let Shanghai know love, in the Internet world, I have this new station, in order to attract the spider to visit the new station, let love Shanghai included page.

two: love Shanghai

: love Shanghai included


four: ranking > Wave