Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 2013 spark plan how do you see Yuan Fang

quote love Shanghai Webmaster Platform content: the content of the website can be based on the industry and the demand of the user data segment to a point, in-depth analysis of user needs, and in specific industries do fine do deep, credible quality resources for users. The reference Webmaster Platform love Shanghai launch site operators report 贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/report/index the content has a certain value for the direction of the site operations personnel, after all, love Shanghai have enough data to speak.

A review of the


in Shanghai Longfeng this several years of experience, from 20112012, more than two years now, the growth rate of domestic websites ratio rises very fast, low quality site proportion is very high, because of the poor level of Shanghai Longfeng Cibuqi, leading Internet spam flood, very funny is when the real experience information and line friends on the Internet to see, obviously there is a big difference, the feeling of being fooled, joking said: "are you this for some Er Shanghai dragon did," but a lot of things can not be generalized, the grade level of domestic Shanghai Longfeng simple description of the primary, Shanghai Dragon: those who stay on the surface do not understand technology, guessing, is often blind, only in order to complete the KPI (create garbage as the Internet not to mention in); Senior staff: Shanghai Longfeng thesaurus construction, station adjustment, link building, data analysis and monitoring, repeated daily work, to seek a breakthrough in the front-line personnel; Shanghai Longfeng personnel: through data analysis, with technology and thinking guidance, understanding of user experience and behavior, build to meet the needs of users of valuable information and so on, so as to bring a lot of Shanghai Longfeng effective flow.

2013 will be Internet user centered around the data to provide quality content, strong survive, liezhe eliminated. Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform 2013 spark plan, will build the Internet environment and how to improve the quality of web search, how many times, we will wait and see.


then again to a web site to create a lot of valuable information, everything is unfolding around the user and data, not easy to find in many segments, there are a lot of information users can not access to the industry, or is not the important information show, there are still too many vertical industries how to take the data mining, the B2B industry, I believe that most of the front-line personnel in Shanghai Longfeng analysis of search data, because from these data, you will find the user’s search behavior, the key word mining and has a very large value analysis. Those who watch every day of the data on the site staff, do not know how much the conclusion summed up how to improve daily data, but I believe the change of time and data, and to look at the data, one day will produce a new inspiration.