About 2 the secret love Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm

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2, interpretation of destructive love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2. Although the green love Shanghai 2 again interpretation algorithm is designed for release the soft news station, the object of punishment include: soft trading platform, soft release station, soft return station three class. But almost all sites are affected, then said some injured industries: medical industry, education industry, tourism industry information platform, etc..

3, the existence of loopholes. After all, the algorithm is dead, people are living. From the love of Shanghai released a bad soft release station analysis, these so-called bad record have all been cleared, but Shanghai could not solve the love to the extreme, there will be some bugs. The premise depends on the observation and study of their own to explore.

does not comment on who is right, after all, for the promotion, everyone has their own different opinions, is the only argument, there will be progress. Here is my view on love in Shanghai 2:

1, Shanghai Green 2 will love the pros and cons of algorithm. The interest rate is to improve the user experience, after all, love sea to create a so-called good Internet environment. The disadvantage is that the punishment, it means you still continue to send junk outside chain, link platform and return the site being punished, the punishment is to reduce weight website or block.

Scindapsus algorithm

solution? This is the most I want to say, many webmaster is in what problems, thought is how to solve it. After all, a person’s ability is limited, so the Internet search and search data what. Love is on the Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2, we all know that quality chain, how to define the quality? Are hyperlinks and contact with? Can obviously promote the product and the company is very soft? I want to send the quality of the chain is not exist above that of those. Many webmasters will ask, if not, I send the chain what? After all, we all want to have ranking, flow.

since Shanghai’s 2 out of love Scindapsus algorithm, the Internet began to calm this water. However, for the love of Shanghai Scindapsus algorithm, and I understand almost everyone. However, for the reasons I wrote this article, read a message, is a webmaster spray related article other webmaster write about love of the Shanghai green algorithm. I will not extend.

how about that made? A general statement is nothing more than the original article, can let a person see is obviously the product promotion. In fact, there are ways to ensure quality, at the same time, the amount of guarantee, we can only rely on themselves to grasp the degree, there are many ways to promote, not only do a reinforcement of the several. I think a lot in the A5 Adsense nets mixed senior webmaster will have several hand skills, you also need not naive to think that he will tell you, from another perspective, if it is you, will you tell others? When do things to try to think from the perspective of others and solve problems questions.