Several forms of the chain are

anyway, different environments have different forms of the chain, as long as the chain of our sense, we can be as an option for the construction of the chain, have a lot of friends that the chain is not fine in, this is true, but we understand the various forms of the chain is good, let we in the future.

The chain of The chain of

URL form refers to the chain form directly without showing URL links, many with links in the forum can not place the chain form you may be ignored, but we in the search engine query chain number, we can see that there are many forms of URL links, and carefully observe the chain, is actually not with hyperlinks, which illustrates the form of URL chain in Shanghai love algorithm, is a very effective form of the chain.

1, the anchor text form

The chain of

2, the form of hyperlinks chain

4, the brand name of the form

yes, we do in the blogosphere (although effect is relatively weak) when the chain, in the BBS signature, will leave a large number of anchor text in these places, the effect of the chain anchor text is the best, the anchor text is simply a hyperlink text that, or is hyperlink with keywords, no matter how you say, the role of the anchor text is to make text and produce a hyperlink, Google XXX story, is to use the anchor text to achieve, you can look at the importance of "anchor text" of Shanghai dragon can not ignore the more understanding of a text, the anchor text effect.

said the chain brand name and form, as it is the construction of the chain of brand building, this is a lot of Shanghai dragon Er does not understand or ignore, establish their own brand name through the website, although there is no address, no link, is a brand name, such as love Shanghai, Taobao, A5. In fact, this upgrade to the weights of the website is very helpful, on the Internet there is so much information you mentioned, then you must be quite good, but he and the chain is a reason, a lot of sites that link to you, then you think you good. This is also the large sites have their unique name, title words simply only, the main role is to let people remember you, by you and trust you. The whole process is similar to the brand for your website in advertising on the Internet, do the advertising, search engines don’t know you.

in the form of hyperlinks is the chain link name and link address is a URL address from the anchor text is a local link name is URL, is a language that is common through the link can reach the target site, the chain effect in the form of hyperlinks although not as anchor text effect good quality, but also the link bait, users and search engines can enter the target page through this link, to achieve the purpose of the visit or import IP.

3, URL formThe chain