From the HTML code in the H1 tag of Shanghai Dragon

and a lot of Shanghai Longfeng only know that H1 has effect on the rankings, but they do not know the principle, so desperately to use H1, some Shanghai dragon even the whole article by H1. The consequences of doing so is not the user as can be imagined, love, nature will also be search engine to get rid of.

there are a lot of Shanghai dragon but he has to know a lot of "law", but is not to summarize the rules. For example, many links to stir, Shanghai dragon know link exchange is not good. Why would this "law" spread? Link mixing is not good, then the title stirring mixing content?? plate stirring? Column mixing? Many researchers in Shanghai dragon is not the lack of testing, not executed, but a "static thinking". It is said that "Shanghai dragon industry understanding".

Shanghai dragon needs understanding. No savvy Shanghai dragon, all day, "hearsay is not likely a major breakthrough. Shanghai Longfeng researchers need to have their own thoughts, have their own values in Shanghai dragon. More than 5 articles in the Shanghai dragon is essential to see every day, every day to see the site data of more than 5 is also essential, every day with more than 3 Shanghai Longfeng peers is essential. But if you want to surpass others, also need at least every day for a piece of "Shanghai dragon meditation".

Shanghai dragon ER knows H1 tags, basically all the mainstream search engines take the H1 tag inside the text information.

is on the label door is to want to let those who study Shanghai dragon friends, to analyze some basic principles seriously. These principles on our side. For example, why we all know the title of the first keyword rankings quickly? Don’t tell me what is the first search engine will be able to see, and should understand the first keyword search is often read, so that the search engine company and need to upgrade this keyword weights, rather than the last a.


so we also write in, if we start can use language to attract users, so users read the probability is very big. Then the search engine of the "user"? He will imitate the user’s habits, will be at the beginning of the paper containing the keyword ranking at a little, because there will be a "thank you" search engine such impulses may read this article after reading the user.

but why search engines take the H1 tag, you may still have a part of Shanghai Longfeng counterparts do not understand. The H1 tag is a level of the meaning of the title, use this label to the largest font text will be displayed on the web page. Implication, visitors can easily see the label contains text information when reading the page. Provide information to the search engine’s objective is to search for the promotion, will use the H1 label text information page ranking, consistent with this principle.