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  no matter what the industry needs some time to develop and mature, the greater the investment industry, the more bright future of the industry, its growth period is long. If you place a cigarette stall, of course, you can make money immediately. But if all of us are going to do this kind of "cigarette stall" business, who will be in charge of the industry? – Wang Juntao

in the entrepreneurial stage, e-commerce company Bezos founded to say in all aspects of electronic commerce have made the right choice, also won an unprecedented success. Although Bezos later believed that some of the correct choice with contingency, but in the eyes of onlookers, but it is fully prepared with their early, and Bezos’s own inspiration and "listening" style inseparable.

source such as "Amazon" this name is the embodiment of excellence in their work. In the beginning, Bezos is going to take the name is "Aard", but the partners feel obscure. Later he thought of using "Cadabra", but the name was quickly opposed by everyone. Bezos later recalled: "we would like to be a spell words for the company name, but each one we mentioned the name of people, including assistance company founded by lawyers, think the word ‘Cadabra’ sounds like Cadaver dead."

what a what kind of name is good? Bezos remembered some of his experiences.


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