Summary of site increase weight do some tricks of the chain

want to improve the site keywords ranking, we must do the anchor text. Usually the anchor text has Links, BBS signature, blog, soft anchor text and so on. Through the search engine on other websites through the anchor text will climb to our site to our website, some of the weight, and the search engine will probably know the theme through the anchor text of the link, the page to this keyword is a certain weight, so to improve the keywords ranking, the anchor text is essential. The anchor text relative to the text links, not only increased the chain, but also improve the relevant keywords ranking. In the form of text links will also increase the weight of the site, the two together, can do the anchor text, try to do the anchor text, can do the anchor text, send text links. According to the site types, release the chain of feasible.

second, outside the chain to be widely distributed.

try to link distribution at different sites, it can better reflect a website on the Internet popularity, the promotion is a very good method, because there will be lots of soft release station to collect, such a link is distributed to many websites, personal feel released in the A5 Adsense online text, receipt of the effect is very good, and can obtain high weight, increase the number of chain in the short term. In fact we can’t to each station on the chain, the most important is to choose a copy of the chain into multiple sites. If the A5 station network, the question and answer, love Shanghai know, will be collected and indexed.

for the construction of the chain website weight is essential, the construction of the chain has become an essential part of the daily maintenance of the website, this paper summarized some skills of the chain.

with respect to the number, I think the quality of the chain is more important. Outside the chain of high quality can be obtained.

third, link to the home page and the content page link combination.

chain construction should persist and maintain a stable frequency, the chain number per day to maintain a relatively stable, not on a whim, made hundreds of the chain, then do not do, to stable increase, over time, will have a good effect.

fifth, try to find high weight website chain.

fourth, the chain is not three days fishing nets two days of drying.


first, text link anchor text and link combination form.

with respect to the content page links, we love to send home link. The chain home page on the web site overall weight will be better, the content page links to the single page is more powerful, will indirectly increase ZhengZhan weight, for the weight of the ZhengZhan ascension, as the home link effect is good. But blindly send the chain home, so the chain of this site is not natural look, do not know how to deal with the search engine. Make links look more natural and reasonable, is certainly beneficial.