Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the details of what

navigation is very important to search engines, web pages should be linked to each other, so that the user can easily any page from other pages of the site to site. Link on the page if you cannot navigate to the target page, this link is called dead link. Shanghai dragon industry dead link is a bad practice. The best approach is to create a navigation on every page have the menu, so that visitors can use these links to navigate to other pages on the site.

4. site navigation

in building a Web site, should be a good name for HTML files, are very easy to let the search engine keyword identification and file type. For example, if there is a page to talk about the basic skills of image, the HTML file can be named as "basic-photography-tips.html", visitors can through the "www. sitename贵族宝贝/basic-photography-tips.html" to access, which can be displayed to the user to help the search engine index page and cable related content in the user search.


talked about the availability of more is the design stage in the site development, some strange sounds in Shanghai Longfeng part. But in fact this is very important. Because once the visitors enter the site, if the site need content tend to stay for a long time. If the user satisfaction for the site, they are likely to be a website to add to favorites for later access. If they found the website very difficult to use, they can easily find the information they need, even using all possible search engine optimization strategy, then the site back may also be very few.

3. web design structure


no matter whether the site has been created, as a webmaster, must plan well ahead of Shanghai Longfeng method. Is the so-called "An army marches on its stomach., optimization plan good will affect every part of the website, including design, development, function and structure. If the content of the website and the file has not been optimized, usually there is no application page of Shanghai Dragon (On-page Shanghai dragon), then the site in the future will be difficult to be continuously optimized, because many pages related to the basic structure of Shanghai Longfeng site itself. Shanghai Longfeng Honker share Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to the details of what

5. website search engine optimization function

when building your own website, must consider.

1. on the function of user friendly

site requires an important thing to consider is the website design. The size of the picture has optimized the concise design website compared with the large size of the picture website can quickly search engine crawler, and flexible design can make the website webmaster more easily based on the proposed modification of the website of Shanghai dragon.