The content of the construction of the website optimization will not be the original two words


now for the website optimization will be referred to a keyword, it is the original content, many people say is the best website content is original, it can let the site get good benefit and flow, but also can improve the site’s ranking, in fact it really so? If you leave Italy ranking in some sites love Shanghai home the content of these websites will find it seems not many original, there are many reprint and pseudo original content.



what is the original

is not your content is original search engines have included, you do not copy others, their own independent writing that is not necessarily the original quality, content and other network view fits, only slightly changed the view, readability is strong is not scarce, even some are old, can this be called qualified quality original? The original search for.

indeed, with the search engine algorithm upgrade, the original website construction is more and more high, in the original, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon training institutions in the original, enterprises are also talking about the original, more and more owners are the "original" pressure to kick up even very much "original" do. There is nothing wrong with the original should pay attention to the construction of website, but you want to have a degree, not in the original poison, is the "original" two words.


what is the original? Your own wrote an article called original? Who knows your article is bad, the search engines do love original content, but you don’t get it, love is the quality of the original content, not what you say is the original quality is original, there are many webmaster died in the original "" two words, and that website need is pure original, from the beginning of his writing, the write more did not have to write, write more difference. The spirit is commendable, but the wooden Shanghai dragon very want to ask three questions: 1. how are you pure what can write? 2. what you write very well? 3. others write something worse than you

always emphasize the original, but still get pseudo original, pseudo original also is very useful, the news of a news, all the rest will be diverted, this is false original; industry expert released the latest article, you first time to contribute, the rate is very high, so the original is false; collection authority is also adapted the pseudo original. These pseudo original included rate and visits I believe the role of the people know to do. The content of the website is nothing more than to obtain access and trust and eventually get traffic, so if you can take the first time, the latest hot, timeliness, authority and academic content published to your website, this is your resources, it can get traffic. As for how to do false original, here is not to say, the user will not because the article is original and your eyes look, the user evaluation method is very simple, good content will continue reading, directly go bad.

original articles included, pseudo original must not be