Share love love love Shanghai launched after share code

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code acquisition occurred at the three button for the webmaster choose

love Shanghai to share the new love button


, thank you! The front page of The But in March


, Shanghai also share the love for everyone to open a "joke", the webmaster woke up and found that the search results thumb, share number all disappeared, then part of the webmaster forecast love Shanghai itself in order to share the test, the number of share and there is no display is not stable but is normal. Out of 24 hours, the lovely thumb appeared again, you have a false alarm.

love Shanghai share new love after the share button

because this change let love with Shanghai code sharing website and no love Shanghai code sharing site once separated, with love Shanghai code sharing site in search results is not the same on the show (the thumb + share number), the net friend more attention, thus increasing the search engine brings the flow. Another more important point, is the master of the speculation loaded love Shanghai share code helps to increase the weight of the website, improve website ranking.

Two effect of

mentioned above immediately attracted attention of many webmasters to share love Shanghai, love Shanghai share code such as "suddenly like night of spring breeze, pear blossoms" appeared in each big website. Now look at the love of Shanghai search results page 10 results normal, there are basically 30% sites that love Shanghai share a thumbs up, some even more than half of the website keyword search results show love Shanghai share thumb.

love to share in Shanghai since its launch last year has been unknown to the public, the webmaster also paid little attention to the love of Shanghai application tools. This situation has a lot of big change from January this year, the reason is in Shanghai love the search results page, in the conventional love Shanghai behind the emergence of a snapshot of the thumb, also appeared to share the number of. The rapid changes in the webmaster nets, and Shanghai Longfeng community raged.

yesterday, when I log in Shanghai love sharing platform to view the data statistics, accidental discovery, love Shanghai share the code to obtain the column in addition to the previous share button, a new button box after the increase of love love sharing button, I personally feel that love like buttons and button particularly suitable for on the content of the page, you can you can talk about your opinion!