Some new methods should pay attention to the web site outside the chain

because of the small series do Shanghai dragon.

first, the release of the chain need to choose the right platform.

fourth, released the chain to be flexible.

is doing such as small series of processing equipment, then find some mechanical platform of high correlation, or you can choose some of the more authoritative and comprehensive B2B platform. The platform is best to add hyperlinks or anchor text, can be directly to your website to sit. Then build a Excle form, will be marked out site registration, such as registration time, update time, website weight, account password, there is no hyperlinks. And then make a plan every day, send a certain number of the chain. The number of the chain is not the more the better, and to ensure the quality, best original, can casually put the basic information of the company to get, this is very responsible approach, included foreign chain will not help what. Every day the chain also published a table record, released on any platform, what is the title, what is the appropriate link, the benefits of doing so is to check to see if the foreign chain, love Shanghai included, a summary is also in our daily work of the chain.

released the chain not to say false original or original loved Shanghai included on the end, this is the most basic requirements, the chain is designed to increase website weight, if you never stand in the user’s point of view, but some of the things that are most probably it did not actually happen to the content of the novel, I am afraid it will not bring traffic.

small beginning to release the chain, don’t understand this one of the doorways, just blindly, check is not included, was very distressed. In fact, different platforms different column effects are not the same, some may supply information collected is better, there may be some information, may be the market, and therefore can not only supply hair information, must be flexible.

some webmaster friends in the chain may, after a period of assessment, a platform that included is very good, this has been a platform release, this approach is not recommended. Because love Shanghai algorithm is constantly changing, many B2B platform at any time is facing the possibility of K, once K, outside the chain of your hard hair is gone, the equivalent of futile. Therefore, we must pay attention to the breadth of the chain.

released the chain for each new Shanghai dragon new people, may be a more troublesome thing. A large number of registered platform, a lot of hair, regardless of whether it is love from Shanghai. It is useless, even may cause a bad effect on their website. The chain is need skills, not to follow the law. As a small series in Shanghai dragon industry near new, then ventured some suggestions.

second, the chain should pay attention to extensive.

third, the chain also need to consider the needs of users.