Talk about the offbeat Zoupian Jian Feng Shanghai Dragon


trouble, we are not careful, will be right down. The proof of what, that search engine is sensitive, but also pay great attention to detail. So it is important to optimize the station, the station optimization is done, the ranking will go up, the construction of the chain is very simple, do not need too much time. Careful people will find that there are a lot of Shanghai dragon chain blog rarely, but still very good rankings.

There are many factors affecting

Shanghai dragon with respect to the computer industry, this is a very simple job. That is to say, if you want to do Shanghai dragon, can do. At present there are a large number of Shanghai dragon master, there are a large number of entry. So the question is, why do so many Shanghai dragon? Because they walk not unusual way. Instead of the original forum said what ah, the chain ah.

We have not found

we all know, many people are aware of the project, it is not called the project, called the pit. So is Shanghai dragon, why? For example: we all know that the hair of the chain, so it is called the pit. At the age of 2012, the chain is king, but now retired, with the love of the Shanghai algorithm change, the role of the chain along with weakened.

Shanghai Longfeng site structure, keyword distribution, keyword matching, keyword density, the use of H tags, add the alt attribute, the construction of the chain, the user population analysis, flow analysis, the three Title tag… And so on, up to about two hundred details can affect Shanghai dragon ranking, this is the key.

Shanghai dragon is nothing more than the station optimization optimization with the outside of the station, the station optimization is outside the chain, soft, Links etc.. I feel the external links or not to send multiple manual, a few soft, find a few more Links, so it makes sense. Do not toil Shanghai, where there are outside the chain, on behalf of the high quality, why do what a waste of time? Is not a good look of love Shanghai station optimization, algorithm.

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here, someone will say, in fact, the black cat? Shanghai dragon regardless of black and white, because, you send the chain is black, do you believe? Optimization optimization is not equal to this sentence is right. Do Shanghai dragon is the most important thinking, why? Because we only make the user need content, this love will give Shanghai to our ranking, and that the hair of the chain, that is nonsense, the chain has much use, you told me to tell the chain I have much use? Also need to manually go to

if we had a very difficult day, it may be because our thinking is wrong, don’t say the road difficult to walk, as long as we figured out that the road is on! Shanghai dragon is such that the trigger point is found, the ranking is up, so to understand the analysis. Thank you ~ my name is Huang Yuran, welcomed the exchange of.