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has many owners do not understand the meaning of this point, I saw a lot of webmaster boycott some news love Shanghai yesterday, it can be said that this part of the webmaster may not find their own website to find, if you point to now is not united, but think, today I bring you a question I think in Shanghai love big renewal: how to identify the site to.

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love Shanghai ranked first in the keyword


We look at the weight-loss drug website Let us look at the

we start talking about the keyword of the website, website keywords can affect the flow and profitability of the website, and we choose keywords what is the standard? I think it is to have a center, will focus on more keywords to center keywords, this is the key point to. Let me illustrate key points toward the center of the


his website keywords and website title is the gap with the gap, we take a look at his website keywords, we will find that the entire site is pointing to the keywords breast oil, keywords from these two examples we can get the ranking website has a core keywords, the entire site are at the core of key words this is the key point, and you learn

site keywords and the only difference is in line with the title, we take a look at what is the core of these three words, these three words diet pills first words, second words or third, have. As can be seen from the website to the core keywords is medicine reducing weight, this is the first weight-loss drug website ranking.

point within the chain and the chain construction site, don’t know you are paying attention to the distribution of the chain home or within the chain when the release of the chain? Is to pay attention to point to a link or multiple links? In the course of my observations, such as A5 and Chinaz in some Adsense the contribution of it, we can see the source of more than ninety percent of the links are pointing to the homepage link, can be said to many outside the chain is also the home link, this is what we have to say the site outside the chain to a core must also points out, but the website home page link is our core point of the chain release. The site within the chain point? I think the website, you may add content to the site every day, you found when add content without our content below generally have a return to the home page links, and in some forums, web portal, we can see a lot of pages to have this function to return to the home page, that is to say the website internal links should also point to a core, and the website is the best choice. Many.