The site is the key to promote transformation indispensable fine tuning

website content is perfect

many products only website content and pictures, no comment, others do not know whether this product with the above described as well, only through other people’s comments to let the user know, so people think this comment is very important, although many comments on the use of JS to call on, Shanghai dragon is >


but just let the target keyword optimization to us, is not enough, because the site a lot of internal factors about users, see their website is a website with the user experience, can be observed through love Shanghai statistical tools, not only to see the website a day how much traffic, more important is to see the user access to the site the behavior, including browsing page, browsing time, website PV, jump out rate, some time ago in Shanghai construction site attracting network observed their website jump out of the high rate of natural phenomenon, the conversion rate is not good, to see if we cut a figure:

as a business station, the conversion rate is the key, although traffic is very important, but not only has the flow conversion rate for a small enterprise stand for, is meaningless, not the source of traffic station is that many enterprises through several important goals in key words, but through the long tail keyword search enter the website, as a business station, personally think that optimization should focus on several key words, try to make it a good ranking position, enter the site the user is the needs of the user.

as a product, website construction in Shanghai attracting Network Technology Co. Ltd. that case is not a missing part, because it allows users to see better products, more easy for users to have a good product, mainly for case with pictures and text of the form, he can let the user at a glance, at the same time also can beautify the site, let the site look more plump and beautiful


! an interactive comment

when a website is not a good idea in advance, many columns may not easily put in the article, which caused a lot of columns appear empty phenomenon, it is not only not conducive to Shanghai dragon, the program content influence is bound to affect the search engine crawl, but also have a great impact on the user experience, when the user clicks not see the content, he might think that this website is not trust, is not reliable, so choose to leave, so in the construction site after the best of each column in full.

As everyone knows First,

second, whether the product case

high bounce rate reflects some of the short board, the station by modifying the site now is far much better than before, and the rankings have a promotion, in addition to the quality of content, the other three elements of Web site attracting network affects the conversion rate of the site: