How to analyze and select the keywords you know

2, it is best not to set up a number of key words. When more than one keyword, the effect is not to do a single key, because in the long time correlation keywords keywords has been dispersed, a plurality of words make up the time if a single keyword more time, energy and time spent too much.

1, understand the needs of users is what. In search for love in Shanghai can understand the popularity of user keywords, and see that the user wants to understand what kind of information. Keywords correlation in possession of keywords is very high proportion of related query keywords to search queries related to love Shanghai.

4, should pay attention to relevant keywords. Keywords page content and the correlation is must be high, so it has good user experience and user needs to search engine optimization advantage.


2, but also the choice of auxiliary words. In the choice of the main keywords to choose again after a few auxiliary words, such as a combination of the main keywords and keyword common extension.

3, we usually in the choice of keywords is empathy. Just imagine if they are visitors, will be what kind of search keywords? Also can choose for their own keywords.


can also analyze keywords about competition selection opponent. The analysis of the competition site, look at what they are using what keywords, now is how? Is the so-called "the enemy, you can". This article from the www.66xxw贵族宝贝 Network Entrepreneurship Forum please.

3, we must pay attention to the heat of the keywords. Keywords heat is always a piece of heart of Shanghai dragon staff, for the heat is not too high, the heat is too high on the first page is full do keyword bidding, and the competition is very intense; but the words heat can not be too low, the heat is too low also nobody will pay attention to. Keywords heat which can moderate, love Shanghai can query keywords heat.


1, first to determine the main keywords. In the choice of keywords, keywords appear frequency is high, the competition is relatively small, as the website main keywords keywords moderate heat

keyword is how to choose

website optimization first to keyword analysis, choose good keywords, can be said to be more effective, analysis key to understanding the needs of each column. Can be analyzed from the following points: