Shanghai dragon er must know the new on line preparation work

beautiful 404 page

forgot to eat, forget the three labels, not all optimization, start writing the three labels, with some brain paste friends, or the first step love Shanghai encyclopedia, clear the three Title tag. The first time we need to set up the website home page >

Check the

preparation of HTML and XML in two formats for the web site, the general HTML map made by artists, need to consider the appearance of the XML site map only need to use the software to create, if you do not use sitemap software, can QQ think I claim. The site map uploaded to the site root directory, and write the robots.txt file.

if your site has been on the line, but also no way to the search engine is a good first impression, then write the instructions banned included in the robot file. If want the site to be included, will lift a ban included settings.

write three big label

share plug-ins, online customer service and traffic statistics

set robots.txt file

function to test site, test personnel to the site inside the article may be just some meaningless words, we need to ensure that the content of the website in the website before the line is in line with business requirements.

this is the three essential marketing weapon marketing website, we can share the plug-in button on the left site, customer service software head on the right side, put the bottom of the website statistics icon. In order to help memory, a doggerel: "we can refer to the left right share, customer service, statistics in the end", so that when we check it will not fall in one.


website content


so, I have been recommended to the site after the completion of the construction, launch work seriously to do, effectively reduce the difficulty of optimization on the obstacles. The author tell us about the website before what work needs to be done.

web site map

Site map

I always thought that the new station on the line before the work is very important, why do you say that? Because if the site is not ready in front of the line of work, so in the late promotion will face: Website Optimization Website is easy to increase the difficulty; K potential. Start well, then we have to win at the starting line.

404 page is when the user input the wrong link, the page returned. The general application in Web site links to death. At present, many owners love to make the 404 page an interesting page, improve the user’s residence time, 2013 is very popular "baby home" public 404 pages, which is sponsored by the Tencent of volunteers, very beautiful and practical.