The five rules of exchange quality Links to remember

, other than its own web site weight low

two, each website snapshot for a period not exceeding three days


according to a cached page search engine express snapshot website only, but for the owners concerned, determine the site to search snapshot is a key factor in engine spiders are friendly. For example, a snapshot of the site is the snapshot and a website is a week, from that, the former spider crawl the website every day, the latter may be no regular spider crawling. So for the exchange of Links, natural snapshot is also one of the reference standard. The value of the Links, general website snapshot of not more than three days, because the spider crawling to the other sites only chance to follow the link crawling to your site, even if the other sites are not the spider crawling over, how come down Links crawl into your site? So, although in the search snapshot engine eyes is just a cached page, but the exchange quality Links in stationmaster absolutely is very important.

Links can transfer weight between the two sites, as everyone knows this is the fact that. Exchange Links, first need to determine the weight value of each website, here I remind you, don’t just look at the current look at the weight, at least to weight more than a week, in order to avoid sometimes because the buffer function query tool and draw the wrong judgment. For the natural high quality Links, the first weight must not more than their own website weight is low, the ideal weight is equal or higher than the value of your site, of course, not too much. In fact, many owners think of their own website weight value is 2 of the time, just want to weight 7, more than 8 sites to exchange Links, and think that they can quickly improve their own weight, actually not, I personally tested, jump range is too large, the lightest punishment is to stop updating the snapshot site. As the saying goes, bluffing, sooner or later it will show. So the author thinks that the high quality of the Links exchange is not the weight value the higher the better, as long as a high or a little on the line, too much of what the site did not help, certainly not your lower than.


every webmaster exchange Links, Links to improve website ranking, increase website weight, increase the flow of some help. Of course, everything has two sides, Links help since there are drawbacks. As the network because Links compromised K off the site but did not influence the effect of meet the eye everywhere, the webmaster of the affirmation of the Links. So in order to make Links Liduan trend rather than disadvantages, first of all need to pay attention to some guidelines for the exchange of exchange. If the weight is not lower than their own residence time, the snapshot is not too long, two sites have correlation and so on. Today the author how to exchange Links talk about their experiences.